General Meeting
January 27, 2008

                                      EXECUTIVE OFFICERS PRESENT
                                    CHAIRMAN                  D. MILLER
                                    VICE-CHAIRMAN             K. HAGAN
                                    SECRETARY/TREASURER       R. PORTUNE
                                    OUTSIDE COORDINATOR       J.B. WELLS

                                              MEMBERS AT LARGE
                                    NORTH BLOCK               J. DIGGS
                                    H-UNIT                    P. SHIELDS

Meeting was called to order at 8:12 hrs. by Chairman D. Miller. Roll was called. A quorum of voting members were present. 6 members were excused and 3 members were absent. Appropriate sponsorship was present. Debra Sheldon vice Principal.

Members were asked to remove their hats for a moment silence for American Prisoners of War, those Missing in Action, those Killed in Action, and for our troops deployed around the world.

TREASURER REPORT: (R. Portune) to date we have $2.90 in our account. The new hat's have been ordered and should be here by our next meeting. Should you care to buy a new style hat the price is $5.00.

Zig Boroughs
Wanda HeffernonSwards To Plowshares
Richard Becker 82nd Airborne Division Assn.
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Cutting Golden Gate Chapter Airborne
Al Newman Ft. Bragg N.C. N.I.V.N.
Harvest Vision Church
Dan Ralston California N.I.V.N.
Airborne Static line
Fran & Don Lassen Static Line
The entire Static Line Staff Static Line
Mr. Frank Schoch The Veterans Center
Airborne Quarterly
Colonel William E. Weber USA Ret.
Barney McClendon Ret V.V.G.S.Q. member & friend
The Ivy Leaves 4th INf. Div. Publication
Bill Anderson N.I.V.N. Ephrata, WA.
Colonel Joseph R. Franitlin Pensacola FL.
Jesus Wept Prison Ministries Richardsen, TX.
SSgt. D. Terry USMC Lathrop, CA


BYLAWS: Mr. Northrop. Passed out new copies of up dated by-laws. Gave up-date on the problem with the signing of the by-laws. Progress in our favor has been made. Problem with legality of the Scholarship were addressed, we meet the criteria.

FOOD SALE: Mr. Protune: Narrative should be done shortly. Spoke about the new products to be sold, and the products that had to be dropped, due to slow sales. Our next food sale will take place in April for May delivery. As the memorial weekend is in May, to keep from having out sponsors come in on a three-day weekend we have moved the delivery date back to June 1st 2008. We will only receive one food sale this year due to new group in the the mix. Our group is the first group on the stand by list.

SOCIAL: Mr. Portune: the social will take place on June 21st 2008. Narrative for social is being prepared. We asked for each member to donate for this function. Donations will be taken at our February meeting. We had anticipated Out-back Steak House, would cater our banquet. Unfortunately this is no longer an option. We are working on a new menu; we will let you know at our next meeting.

OUTSIDE COORDINATOR: Mr. Wells: gave a short synopsis on correspondence received.

COLOR GUARD: Mr. Caffale: nothing to report.

SCHOLARSHIP: Mr. Leavitt: appointed new committee. Requested donation for stamps. Applications must be in by May 30th 2008. Recipients will be notified on June 6th 2008. Banquet will be June 21st 2008.

STAMPS FOR SOLDIERS: Mr. Warren: 8000 stamps have been received. 2000 were sent to FLI-02 Belle Glade, FL. 6000 were sent to Stamps for Soldiers. The postage was paid for by Mr. Warren and Mr. Portune.

CAMARADERIE NIGHT: Mr. Stetler: working with Debra Sheldon to set up a date for this event. Remember to bring some snacks.

REAL CHOICE: Mr. Renteria: spoke about schedule and gave update.

GRANTS: Mr. Singler: Gave a Brief update.


Rights and respect were discussed. We also discussed excused absences. Some discussion on this issue, and clarification was given. Hats must be worn at all group functions. No hat no entrance to function. This includes V.I.G. meetings.
Talked about food sale workers. Some were confused by having half work crews. Clarification was given.


Mr. Merjil is requesting to leave the group in good standing. He may rejoin the group at his request.
Debra Sheldon asked if we can ask for donations from outside supporters. Clarification was given. Group members can not solicit but sponsors can. Some discussion ensued. A suggestion was made that V.I.G. hold a food sale to generate more funds. We will look into this suggestions.

The group gave a hardy thank you and a round of applause for Debra Sheldon.

A motion to adjourn was made and seconded. Motion was passed.
Meeting adjourned at 0924 hrs.

February 24th 2008. Ducats will be sent.

Robert Portune                                         M.W. CRAMER
Secretary/Tresurer                                     Correctional Lieutenant
                                                       V.V.G.S.Q. Chief Sponsor

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