MARCH 5, 1993

Meeting called to order: 1930 hours.

Members present: Fourteen (14), a quorum.

Board of Directors Present (4)

Chairman: A1 Heseltine
Vice Chairman: Bob Gronbach
Sec/Treas.: David Williams

Meeting adjourned: 2020 hours.

Bobby: 		Called the meeting to order. 

Williams: 	Took roll call. 

AL: 	        We have one administrative signiture to aquire for our banquet to be aproved. Get your quest  
                list turned in at the next meeting. The three dinner menu suggestions will be sent to the Snack  
                Bar across the street to see what kind of pricing we are going to be able to get. We made 
                $800.00 and some chang our last food sale. Also we have to have all paper work for our future 
                food sales, completed 6 weeks prior from now on. C/O Valintine will hand carry all of our 
                administrative paper work from now on. 

Sonny: 		How many Scholarship Applications have we received.

Gonzales: 	I've sent twelve application out to the various School Districts, then they probably distributed 
                even more. 
Massey: 	How about live intertainment.

Al: 		I doubt it. 

Bo: 		Massey can sing country.

Massey: 	I make a motion to bring outside entertainment in for the banquet.	

Miller: 	I second it. Motion carried, 12 Yes t 2 No.

Gonzales: 	I will check with C/O Becker to see if he will take the photographs. 

Al: 		We've got to find someone epproved by the Administration.

Al:     	Sonny will get with contact the apropriate personel concerning the sound equipment, laundry, and 
                vidio equipment.
A1:     	The people have been requesting pizza and candy for our next fund raiser, plus Togo's 

Kilmer: 	I make a motion we sell Pizza, Cand-y, Togo's, and Pepsi. 

Miller:		I second it. Motion carried. 

Al:     	New business: Table Chambers once again till we find out what is happening with him and his 

Bobby: 	        I make a motion we accept Daniel McCarthy, H-31194 into the group pending his DD-214. 

Miller:		I second it. Motion carried. 

A1: 	        We need to get all of the forms turned in for our decorations so we can take care of getting the 
                medals back.

Sonny: 		When are we going to set up the committies for the banquet. 

Al:		We'll table this topic till next meeting. 

Bo: 		Motion to buy long stem rose's for Dianne when she comes out of surgery. 

Sonny:		I second the motion. Motion carried. 

Sonny:		When is one of our Reps. coming in? 

A1:     	We are working on it. They were schedule to come in last meeting, but the weather didn't permit 
Al:		Think about the color guard for the banquet and who will be on it for our next meeting. 

Kilmer:		I make a motion we adjourn. 

Miller: 	I second it. Motion carried. 

_________________                                                 _______________________
David Williams                                                             A1 Haseltine 
Secretary/Treasurer                                                   Chairman 
V.V.G.S.Q.                                                                     V.V.G.S.Q. 

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