Sunday, March 25, 2007
General Membership Meeting

     Executive Committee Present:          Eddie Renteria               Chairman VVGSQ
                                           John Blair                   Vice-Chairman VVGSQ
                                           Mike Northrop                Secretary/Treasurer
                                           Jeff Langnese                Outside Coordinator
                                           Dennis Marshall              Member-at-Large (H-Unit)

Meeting called to order at 0800 hours by Eddie Renteria. Roll was called. A quorum of voting members was present. Members Atkins, Holloday, and Weeks were noted as excused from February's meeting and this meeting because of security situation in H Unit.

Members were asked to remove their hats for a moment of silence for America’s Prisoners of War, her Missing in Action, those Killed in Action, and our troops deployed around the world.

Members were asked to indicate if they received their minutes of the last meeting. A motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes from the February 2007 meeting. Motion approved. Gratitude was expressed to Lieutenant Cramer for his presence at this meeting.

TREASURER REPORT: (Mike Northrop) We continue at our current balance.

OUTSIDE COORDINATOR: (Jeff Langnese) Read letter from Colonel Victor Petrenko, chief of staff, 82nd Airborne Division, Afghanistan, thanking group for the presentation box with division crest. You're welcomed, sir. Thanks so much for writing. We're awed by your intrepid service.
We received correspondence from the following:

-Frank Schock, Static Line, (Veterans Corner) "And, Some are not So Lucky" Airborne Quarterly column.
-VVA chapter 20, Ron Trovato, Rochester, New York, writes the incarcerated section of Between the Lines. A strong VVA chapter with incarcerated veterans interests at heart. Please accept our boundless gratitude. Thank you so much.
-Reverend Raymond O. Dugdale - NIVN Richfield, Washington. As chaplain, Rev. Dugdale is a constant communicator within the network of Washington VVA chapters. We salute your tireless efforts.
-Harvest Vision Church, Livermore, Kentucky.
-Zig Boroughs 1/508 Airborne, South Carolina.
-James Lyman, Jr., President, Veterans News Publication, Norfork, Massachusetts.
-Chapter 190, VVA, Craig McClaren, Atmore, Alabama.
-Bill Anderson, NIVN, Ephrata, Washington.
-Tony Thompson, NIVN, Hays State Prison, Trion, Georgia
-Jesus Wept Prison Ministries and Missions, Publication
-Rich Becker, past president, Eighty-second Airborne Association.
-The Ivy Leaves, OFficial publication of the Fourth Infantry Division, Greg Rollinger, executive director, and Dick Taylor editor.
-Judith Manley, VVGSQ's website caretaker - Thanks, Judith.
-Vincent Milo, Fourth Division Artillery - Early 1960's
-Army Echoes, Army Retirement Services, Alexandria, Virginia, for retired soldiers and their families.
-Barney McClendon, VVGSQ alumni, Happy 67th, Barney and many more.

Committee Reports:

BYLAWS: (David Leavitt/Duane Butler) Nothing to report at this time.

FUND RAISER: (Mike Northrop) Bulk packaging of candy was explained and clarified. Operation is progressing with all deliberate speed. Chief sponsor shall provide our driver for delivery days, since no other staff are available. Robert "Tuna" Portune disclosed current sales figures. Delivery day will not require every member to work directly upon the distribution of sale items. All members, however, shall be present at 1400 hours for field day and square away. Work assignments shall be posted. Those members who volunteered to upload sale items on Friday, 27th April, include: Richard Arnold, Stan Baer, Butler, Caffale, Tharon Hill, Langnese, Fernando Lemus, Bob Lott, Marshall, Miller, Northrop, Anthony Parker, Portune, Bill Roberts, and Singler.

SOCIAL: (Mike Northrop) All members advised to be prepared to complete trust withdrawals at April meeting. Amount of total donations shall determine our meal. Currently, ribs appear most popular, with chicken for non-pork eaters. Dave Miller has printed commemorative programs celebrating the twentieth anniversary of our group. Thanks, Dave. Notes for group members to complete were distributed by sergeant-at-arms Gio Caffale. All members will be expected to complete ten notes for inclusion within the Operation MOM packages. Posters requesting donation of items from mainline prisoners distributed to appropriate members. Members are requested to donate as they're able of the items listed on these posters. Laudatory chronos shall be issued to all (member or nonmember) who donate to packing day. Presentation plaques will be awarded.

SCHOLARSHIP: (David Leavitt) Our Website is posted thanks to Judith. OPMOM has info posted on their website as well. Moreover, the MOMs are visiting local schools and speaking with academic counselors.

CAMARADERIE NIGHT: (Larry "Popeye" Faison) Nothing to report.

COLOR GUARD: (Gio Caffale) Nothing at this time.

R.E.A.L. CHOICES: (Eddie Renteria) Nothing new currently. We remain, however, in need of volunteers from our group for Team C.

STAMPS FOR SOLDIERS: (John Warren) Nothing to report at this time.

GRANTS: (Jeff Langnese) Nothing currently, all's quiet.

Old Business:

-Pins still pending. A presentation box was given to Denise Dull who is soon to retire and who has come to our aid with many administrative paperwork difficulties, often when hope was lost. Thank you, Denise. We're elated that you liked our presentation.

New Business:

-Miller submitted the germ of an idea to begin a quarterly newsletter from our group. This will be proposed and discussed at our next meeting. **Camera requested for packing day to send photos to troops deployed. Again, thanks, Lt. for service above and beyond.
-Ron Singler - Your flashing and immaculate pen is as apples of gold in pitchers of silver.
Thanks, Ron.

We adjourned at 0839 hours. All are reminded to inform the secretary of cell/dorm changes.

NEXT MEETING: Sunday, 29th April 2007.

MIKE NORTHROP                                       M.W. CRAMER
Secretary/Treasurer                                 Correctional Lieutenant
                                                    Chief Sponsor

Comittee/Activity                Chairman                   Housing

By-laws                          D.Leavitt/Duane Butler     1N81/2N17
Camaraderie Night	         Larry "Popeye" Faison	    4N90
Color Guard	                 Geo Caffale      	    3N63
Fundraising	                 Mike Northrop   	    3N71
Grants	                         Jeff Langnese              3N92
R.E.A.L. Choices	         Eddie Renteria	            4N96
Scholarship Committee            David Leavitt              1N81 	
Social Committee	         Mike Northrop	            3N71
Stamps for Soldiers	         John Warren	            4N92               

Attention: Outside Correspondents:
If you would like further information on any of the projects, activities, or goals of the VVGSQ, or would like to participate, please contact the following:

Community Partnership Manager's Office
Attn: Carol Jackson/VVGSQ                Phone:      415-455-5090
San Quentin State Prison                 Fax:        415-455-5180 
San Quentin, CA 94964

For further information about the Vietnam Veterans Group of San Quentin (VVGSQ), please see our web site at:

Of special note: Rich Becker, Past President of the 82nd Airborne Association, will be with us in person on delivery day for our fundraiser. We shall be rich indeed.

Notes to our deployed troops for Operation:MOM packing day are being written by the following veterans group sponsors:

Deryk Wells - England
Zig Boroughs - 508th Airborne, South Carolina
Frank Schoch - Static Line
Colonel Victor Petrenko - chief of staff, 82nd Airborne Division, Afghanistan
Bob Hayes - Director, Bunker Project of Massachusetts
Colonel William Weber [US Army (ret.)] - Airborne Quarterly
Carrie and Ron Cutting - Golden Gate chapter, 82nd Airborne Association
Barney McClendon - the ol' north county surveyor
Rich Becker

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