General Meeting
March 29, 2009

                                      EXECUTIVE OFFICERS PRESENT
                                    CHAIRMAN                  M. NORTHROP  
                                    VICE-CHAIRMAN             R. SINGLER
                                    SECRETARY/TREASURER       R. PORTUNE
                                    OUTSIDE COORDINATOR       F. LEMUS

                                              MEMBERS AT LARGE
                                    NORTH BLOCK               S. BAER
                                    H-UNIT                    A. PARKER

Chairman Mr. Northrop calls the meeting to order at 8:07 hrs. Roll was called, 36 members were present; a quorum. 4 members were excused and 2 members were absent. Appropriate sponsorship 'Debra Sheldon' and 'Gloria Godchaux' from Operation:Mom was present.

Members were asked to remove their hats for a moment of silence for the American Prisoners of War, those Missing in Action, those Killed in Action, and for our troops deployed around the world.

Members were asked to indicate if they received their minutes of the last months meeting. A motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes from the February meeting. A vote was taken and passed to accept the minutes.

TREASURER'S REPORT: (R. Portune): We have a balance of $2.049.19. We have sent $1,500.00 to Operation:Mom, we now have a balance of $549.19, of this money $200.00 is reserved for the Hat Fund.

OUTSIDE COORDINATOR: (F. Lemus): read a list of correspondence.
Col. J. R. Franklin U.S.A. Ret. Letter NIVN Pensacola, FL
Bill Anderson Letter NIVN - Ephrata, WA
Rev. R. Dugdale Letter - NIVN - Ridgefield, WA (Get well Rev.)
Tony Thompson 3 Letters Hays State Prison - Trion, GA
VVA-Chap. 371 Roberto D'Avanzo Letter Ionia Corr. Ionia, MI
4th Inf. Div. U.S.A. - Ret James Smith Letter Hickory Valley, TN
4th Inf. Div. Alumni-Sgt Jack Anderson Letter Baxter, KY
The Ivy Leaves - 4th Inf. Div. Assoc. Publication St. Peters, MO
VVA Chap. 20 - Between the Lines Publication - Rochester, NY
NIVN Jesus Wept Ministries Sister Vicki - Richardson, TX
Dick Taylor 4th Div. Association Letter Las Vegas, NV
PhD Mara L. Taylor (Coach) Los Angeles, CA
Operation:Mom Gloria Godchaux & Dotty Selmeczki
Luis J. Gutierrez Command Sgt. Major U.S.A. Speical Forces (Ret.) Fort Bragg
Sgt. Maj. Millard R. Ball U.S.A. Ret. 11th 101st 187th Airborne Assn. Fort Campbell, KY
Ketteth J. (Rock) Merritt 508th Airborne Assn.
Jeffrey J. Brodeur KWVA National Director
Zig Boroughs 508th Airborne Association
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Cutting Golden Gate Chapter 82nd Airborne Assn.
Mr. Richard G. Becker 82nd Airborne Division Association
American Airborne Association Airborne Quarterly
Colonel William E. Weber (US Ret.)
Gerret, Wilma and Nancy Hope & Help Prison Ministries
Pastor Brad Clark & Editor Sister Trina Ball Harvest Vision Church
Robert W. Hayes 508th Airborne Association Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 205, Attn: Dennis Conway 93-B-1755
Janice Yee MS, MFT Swards to Plowshares
Kyle Trezian Program Manager HVEHF
Irwin Goodwin Chief Executive Officer HVEHF
Frank Schoch Veterans Corner Columnist
Annette Purcell Editor Airborne Static Line
James Weber Veterans Workforce Specialist
82nd Airborne Paraglide
Airborne Static Line
James Strollo New York Veterans Residential Therapy program Counselor


BY-LAWS: Mr. Hagan: there is nothing to report.

FOOD SALE: Mr. Portune: thanked everyone who worked the food sale, a job well done.

SOCIAL: Mr. Portune: the Narrative has been complete and awaiting approval. Donations were requested from the membership for the Scholarship Social. Mr. Portune explained the new procedures for the meal. The Social is planned for 1100-1500 Hrs. on June 27, 2009 in the Garden Chapel.

COLOR GUARD: Mr. Baer: Explained on April 4, 2009 the Color Guard was asked to present Colors for the opening day Baseball ceremony on the lower yard. In addition, he informed the group about the new uniforms, and the new cabinet built to house the Color Guard equipment.

STAMPS FOR SOLDIERS: Mr. Schuhmacher: we have sent 30,000 stamps out this month.
We would like to clarify that the stamps for soldiers program is used stamps still on envelopes. These stamps are peeled off envelopes and are used as therapy for wounded soldiers.

REAL CHOICES: Mr. Renteria: nothing to report.

GRANTS: Mr. Singler: There is nothing to report.

TAB'S FOR TOT'S: Mr. Sanders: New posters have been put up, Mr. Sanders thanked Mr. Lemus for fliers and posters.

TOY PROGAM: Mr. Renteria: on stand down until next year.

PRESENTATION BOXES: Mr. Roberts: Jeff Brodeur KWVA National Director presented Kevin of the 101st and Billy of the 173rd Airborne, boxes at the Florida VA rehab center, Mission accomplished. Massachusetts Senator John Kerry decorated Vincent with the Meritorious Service Medal at Water Reed Army Hospital.
We received photos of Command Sgt. Maj. Rock Merritt, Command Sgt. Maj. Flowers and Colonel Drinkwine taken with WW II troopers receiving presentation boxes. Zig Boroughs, Bob Hays, Command Sgt. Maj. Gutierrez and Command Sgt. Maj. Merritt will be honored with presentation boxes at the Airborne Static Line Awards on April 6th 2009.


SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: Mr. Leavitt: All notices to High Schools were mailed and awaiting responses. Gloria Godchaux from Operation:Mom gave a short report on application and discussed guests and approvals.

CAMARADERIE NIGHT: Thanks to Ms. Debra Sheldon for sponsoring this event. Camaraderie Night was a great success last month and all had a good time. A vote took place for the next movie. On April 25, 2009, TORA TORA TORA will be shown.

No old business.


One of our Members have gone home this last month - Mr. Payton the group wishes them well.

A history of the Waban (the original San Quentin Prison Ship) is being compiled. The groups approval will be sought.

Mr. Langnese gave a report on Ms. Taylor (Coach) GOGI.

Gloria Godchaux reported on the new Board for Operation:Mom and thanked the group for the donation to Operation:Mom.

Chairman Northrop gave a report on the new pin's design for the Run for the Pen motorcycle run next year and the pins being offered to the group. He also spoke on the new Executive Body elections and the need to start planning the next fund drive.

Debra Sheldon gave a report on the fund drive delivery and thanked the group for pulling together. In addition, she thanked Lieutenant Cramer for his help.

There was a motion to adjourn the meeting and seconded. The motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 0840 hrs.

Will be on April 26, 2009.
Camaraderie Night will be April 25th, 2009.

Robert Portune                                         M.W. CRAMER
Secretary/Tresurer                                     Correctional Lieutenant
                                                       V.V.G.S.Q. Chief Sponsor

Telephone (415) 454-1460, EXT. 5309 or 5757
FAX Telephone (415) 455-5049 ATTN: D. Sheldon SIA

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