Sunday March 30, 2008
General Meeting

                                      EXECUTIVE OFFICERS PRESENT
                                    CHAIRMAN                  D. MILLER
                                    VICE-CHAIRMAN             EXCUSED
                                    SECRETARY/TREASURER       R. PORTUNE
                                    OUTSIDE COORDINATOR       J.B. WELLS

                                              MEMBERS AT LARGE
                                    NORTH BLOCK               J. DIGGS
                                    H-UNIT                    A. PARKER

Meeting was called to order at 8:12 hrs. by Chairman D. Miller. Roll was called. A quorum of voting members were present. 8 members were excused and 0 members were absent. Appropriate sponsorship was present. Debra Sheldon Vice Principal.

Members were asked to remove their hats for a moment silence for American Prisoners of War, those Missing in Action, those Killed in Action, and for our troops deployed around the world.

TREASURER REPORT: (R. Portune) To date we have in our account $455.90. Mr. Portune thanked everyone who donated to the scholarship/social.

Wanda HeffernonSwords To Plowshares
Airborn Static LineGeorgia
The Ivy Leaves - 4th Infantry Div. Official Publication
Rev. Raymond Dugdale NIVN
Airborn Quarterly American Airborne Association. Thank you Bill for "Hill 342" and the V.V.G.S.Q. Article
Between The Lines - VVA Chap. #20 Rochester, New York
Colonel William E. Weber (USA-Ret.) Airborne Quarterly
Harvest Vision Church Kentucky
James L. Weber Veterans Workforce Specialist
Mr. Frank Schoch Veterans Corner Airborne Quarterly
Karen Stanley (Doc) Some Not so Lucky Airborne Quarterly
Kenneth J. (Rock) Merritt 1/508 Assn.
VVA Chapter 205 N.I.V.N. New York
Hope & Help Prison Ministries Colorado
VVA Chapter 20 Between The Lines
Jeffrey J. Brodeur KWVA National Director
Sgt. Maj. Millard R. Ball, U.S. Army (Ret.) 11th & 187th Airborne Chapter Ft. Campbell


BYLAWS: Mr. Northrop - Nothing to report.

FOOD SALE: Mr. Portune - The food sale narrative has been approved. We are working on getting the order froms printed and passed out. Volunteers were asked for, to collect food sale forms, for North Block and H-Unit.

North Block - Clayton, Haskin, Leavitt, Roberts, Sanders, Schuhmacher, Stetler
H-Unit - Niday, Parker, Weeks

SOCIAL: Mr. Protune - The narrative was approved. We are a go. If any one has dietary or health concerns, see the Secretary/Treasure. Any one on C status will not be allowed to attend. Operation Mom is donating the dessert, drinks and utensils.

COMMARADERIE NIGHT: Mr. Stetler - Nothing to report.

REAL CHOICE: Mr. Renteria - Nothing to report.

STAMPS FOR SOLDIERS: Mr. Warren - We have received 4000 stamps from teh Museum of Fine Arts San Francisco. We thank them for their donation. It is appreciated.

GRANTS: Mr. Singler - Waiting for a response.

SCHOLARSHIP: Mr. Leavitt - Nothing new to report. We are waiting for responses. Gloria, from Operation Mom received some input and asked for clarification.

OLD BUSINESS:No Old Business.


Mr. House has paroled. We thank him for his support of the group and we wish him well.

Menlo Park will be here on 4/4/08. All members will receive a ducat. This is not a mandatory meeting.

Can tops collection program has been put in place. Containers for collection will be placed in the visiting room. Mr. Sanders will be chairing this program.

Mr. Rooke has passed his probation. He gave a short statement. A vote was taken by secret ballet. The vote was unanimous. Congratulations Mr. Rooke.

Gloria from Operation Mom, updated Operation Mom program. Everything is moving well. (Round of applause) thank you Operation Mom and Gloria.

Mr. Northrop has sent out over 30 presentation boxes to supporters in the group's name.

Chairman Mr. Miller thanked Gloria, (Op Mom). He also gave a short statement, to thank the group, as this may be his last meeting since he may be paroling. The group would like to thank Mr. Miller for his support and the fine job he did as Chairman. We would also like to wish him all the luck in the world on his parole.

Thank you Debra Sheldon for sponsoring our meeting.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting, the motion was second. The motion passed.

The next meeting will be on April 27, 2008.

Robert Portune                                         M.W. CRAMER
Secretary/Tresurer                                     Correctional Lieutenant
                                                       V.V.G.S.Q. Chief Sponsor

Telephone (415) 454-1460, EXT. 5309 or 5757
FAX Telephone (415) 455-5049 ATTN: D. Sheldon SIA
     Brothers Helping Brothers

Additional Donations for Scholarship/Social

Rentera - $15.00
Carder - $25.00
Shields - $10.00
Haskin - $20.00
Kie - $15.00
Wells - $294.00
Uribe - $25.00
Total - $404.00

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