Saturday, April 29, 2006
General Membership Meeting

Executive Committee Present:-------------R. Portune - Vice-Chairman VVGSQ
R. Lott - Secretary/Treasurer
J. Langnese - Outside Coordinator
H. Barton - Member-at-Large (North Block)
M. Atkins - Member-at-Large (H-Unit)

Meeting called to order at 1845 hours by Vice-Chairman Portune. Roll was called. A quorum of voting members was present.

Vice-Chairman Portune asked everyone to remove their hats for a moment of silence for America’s Prisoners of War, her Missing in Action, those Killed in Action, and our troops deployed around the world.

Members were asked to indicate if they received their minutes of the last meeting. A motion was made to accept the minutes of February/March, 2006, general membership meeting as written. Motion carried.

  • TREASURER REPORT:(Mr. Lott) A summary of current account status was presented to the group and no questions were posed.

  • OUTSIDE COORDINATOR:(Mr. Langnese) The Group received the following correspondences:



    Bob Gagnon Sec./Tres. Golden Gate Chapter 82nd Airborne Thanking VVGSQ for the plaque we presented to him
    Frank C. Schock, Letter Thanking us for the boxes VVGSQ donated to be auction for vets/active duty personel
    BETWEEN THE LINES, Newsletter R. Trovato did 2 nice articles on VVGSQ
    Ron Tovato, VVA Chapter 20 1 letter, Rochester, New York
    Col. E. Weber (USA-RET), Letter AMERICAN AIRBORNE ASSOC., New Windsor, MD
    Col. Joseph R. Franklin, Letter N.I.V.N. Solid supporter, Pensacola, FL
    Aisling!! (Ireland), Post Card Wishing us good luck!!
    Judith Manley 3 letters and photos
    Mary Manley Thank you card. Our Utah college girl!
    Bill Anderson N.I.V.N., Letter Praying for our new members, Ephrata, WA
    Rev. Raymond Dugdale, Letter Prays and praises our group, Ridgefield, WA
    Dr. Dennis Elliot, N.I.V.N., Letter Fellow fighting vet! Joliet, IL
    VVA Craig McClaren VVA Chap. 190 4 letters N.I.V.N., Atmore, AL
    Tony Thomson N.I.V.N., Letter 1 letter, Smith St. Prison, Glenville, GA
    VVA Chap. 205, Newsletter Albany, New York
    Barney McClendon, Letter ALUMN!!!!
    Ed Mentz, Sr. - Central District Incar. vets/POW-MIA Chair Letter, Atwater, CA
    THE IVY LEAVES Quarterly news mag. 4th Inf. Div. Assoc. Inver Grove Heights, MN
    Veterans of the Vietnam War Inc. Pittston, PA
    Deryk Wills Airborne Assoc., 2 Letters UNITED KINGDOM (plus Moms notes)
    HARVEST VISION CHURCH Newsletter, Livermore, KY
    Richard Becker, Past Pres. of AIRBORNE ASSOC. Highland, New York


  • BY-LAWS: (Mr. Northrop) By-Laws Committee stated for the record that the monthly General Membership Meetings are mandatory.

  • NON-PROFIT: (Mr. Singler) Our letter has been answered from the VVnW, and there was a lot of information to be digested. The material was handed to an attorney for professional interpretation. We are now also waiting for by-laws from Mr. Cheny, and things are really looking good.

  • SCHOLARSHIP:(Mr. Leavitt) Nothing new to report.

  • SOCIAL (June 10, 2006): (Mr. Northrop) The Scholarship Social is set for June 10th. Everything looks real good, and we will discuss a meal menu at our next meeting.

  • FOOD SALE/FUNDRAISER: (Mr. Lott) Our next food sale will tentatively be held in September, with an October delivery.

  • COLOR GUARD: (Mr. Caffale) Nothing to report at this time.

  • CAMARADERIE NIGHT: (Mr. Faison) This is a true work in progress, and we hope things will work out next time.

  • R.E.A.L. CHOICES: (Mr. Stipe) Team 'C' worked this past Friday. They were shorthanded. If you are a part of this group, please attend.

  • STAMPS FOR SOLDIERS: (Mr. Leavitt) There are 4,000 more waiting to be mailed out; members are reminded to continue to support this worthwhile function.

  • GRANTS: (Mr. Langnese) Mr. Langnese informed the group that he has written to the Elks Lodge and we have yet to hear back from them. There was another organization contacted, and Ron Cutting is going to speak to the Elk's Lodge in his area on our behalf.

  • JOINT VENTURE:Nothing new to report.


    - The issue concerning the craft kits for wounded/disabled soldiers has been tabled until further information can be gathered.

    - The Issue brought before the group by Mr. Langnese concerning clothng for wounded soldiers was addressed. It was discovered that they no longer need toiletries or clothing but phone cards are in great demand. Throught the generosity of Wal-Mart, and the matched donation by the Golden Gate Chapter of the 82nd Airborne, we have the opportunity to purchase 100 phone cards for $210.00. A motion to spend the $210 was presented and carried to spend the money. These cards will be sent to LTC Lori Noyes for these soldiers.


    - A proposal was brought before the group that we purchase 300 phone cards for the upcoming Operation:Mom packing day. After discussion on how much to donate to this cause, the group decided to spend up to $2,000.00 to secure these cards. This motion was voted upon and carried.

    - The group decided and voted that the upcomong scholarships would be in the amount of $2,500.00 and $2,000.00.

    - A proposal was brought before the group to send one representative to the "No More Violence Inspiration Day" sponsored by 'No More Tears'. This issue was tabled until further information could be gathered on this issue.

    - Mr. Merjil was voted into full voting membership status as a V.V.G.S.Q. member in absentee. - New member, Mr. Berain, was introduced. Welcome aboard. - The group exteded a gracioius "Thank You" to Carol Jackson for her time and efforts to make this meeting happen. Thank you, Carol, for all your help.

    CLOSURE: A motion to close the meeting was made, motion carried and meeting closed at 1939 hours.


    Robert Lott
    R. LOTT

    W. Jeppeson, CCII Specialist
    V.V.G.S.Q. Sponsor

    Comittee ActivityChairmanHousing
    By-laws Mr. Northrop 3-N-71
    By-laws Mr. Biggs 2-N-37
    Camaraderie Night Mr. Faison 1-N-65
    Color Guard Mr. Caffale 3-N-63
    Food Sale/Fundraising Mr. Lott 4-N-10
    Grants Mr. Langnese 3-N-92
    Happy Hats (stand down)
    Joint Venture Mr. Haskin 1-N-16
    Non-profit Mr. Singler 3-N-39
    Public Information Mr. Langnese 3-N-92
    R.E.A.L. Choices Mr. Stipe 3-N-25
    Scholarship Committee Mr. Leavitt 3-N-89
    Social Mr. Northrop 3-N-71
    Stamps for Soldiers Mr. Leavitt 3-N-89
    Holiday Toy Program (stand down)


    If you would like further information on any of the projects, activities, or goals of the V.V.G.S.Q., or would like to participate, please contact the following:

    Inmate Program Coordinator's Office
    Attn: Carol Jackson/V.V.G.S.Q.
    San Quentin State Prison
    San Quentin, CA 94964
    Phone: 415-455-5090
    Fax: 415-455-5180

    For further information about the Vietnam Veterans Group of San Quentin (VVGSQ), please see our web site at:

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