MAY 16, 1993

Meeting called to order: 1830 hours.

Members present: (12), a quorum.

Board of Directors Present (6)

Chairman: A1 Haseltine
Vice Chairman: Bob Gronbach
Sec/Treas.: David Williams
O.S. Cord. Bo Hulbert
Member A.L. Samuel Hill

BOBBY:  	Called meeting to oder. 

WILLIAMS: 	Called role. 

AL: 		We still need to vote on new memberships from last meeting. I feel new applicant David Leavitt 
                would be good member. 

SONNY: 	        I make a motion to accept David Leavitt as a member pending his DD-214. 

MILLER : 	I second it. 

AL: 		This man really wants to join the group and has his DD-214 already. His name is CRAIG JOHNSON, C-
                08327, 2N86. 

HULBERT: 	I make a motion to accept Mr. Johnson into the group. 

SONNY: 	        I second it. 


Al:		We have a Scholorship Awards winner. Out of 8 applicants it; voted that Susan Evers would 
                receive this years award. 

		The S.C.V.A. Vice President will be attending the banquet this year for the V.V.A. Thanks to  
                Barney Mc Clendon the new cateriors for our banquet will be Bolinas Catoring. 

		Also Barney received a letter from a lady who writing everyone in the V.V.A. Directory and the 
                letter wi11 be read at the next meeting. 

                0ur V.V.G.S.Q. membership cards have finally been made up and they will be delt with in the next 
                few weeks. 

                We are going to have all the flags for the banquet so we will need two color guards. One for the 
                front and one for the back. 

                All the quest list have been approved for the banquet. We have 154 quest listed so far. 

SONNY: 	        Do we have a theme for the banquet. 

AL:		We'll table this till next meeting. 

19:35 HRS 	Another member showed up for the meeting (Spider). 

Al: 	        I think we need to have meeting every Friday until the banquet. So let me know if you can't be 
                on the 620 list for some reason. 

                We still need a camera man for the banquet. I'll check with D.D. Johnson. Whoever is the camera  
                man they will need a 35mm camera. 

                About our fund raiser, will have to put off any disscusion about it because Gonzales has all the 
                information on it. 

                We need to set up an MDA Committee, Bobby would you take care of the set up on the lower yard. 

BOBBY: 	        Alright. 

AL: 	        The plagues are going to run us about $120.00 this year for 6 of them. 

HULBERT:	I make a motion to adjourn the meeting. 

BARNEY:	        I second it.
                MOTION CARRIED AT 20:15 HRS.

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