Sunday May 17, 2008
General Meeting

                                      EXECUTIVE OFFICERS PRESENT
                                    VICE-CHAIRMAN             J. BLAIR
                                    SECRETARY/TREASURER       R. PORTUNE
                                    OUTSIDE COORDINATOR       J.B. WELLS

                                              MEMBERS AT LARGE
                                    NORTH BLOCK               J. DIGGS
                                    H-UNIT                    A. PARKER

Meeting was called to order at 1800 hrs. by Vice Chairman J. Blair. Roll was called. A quorum of 29 voting members were present, 13 members were excused and 0 members were absent. Appropriate sponsorship was present. Debra Sheldon, Vice Principal.

Members were asked to remove their hats for a moment silence for American Prisoners of War, those Missing in Action, those Killed in Action, and for our troops deployed around the world.

Members were asked to indicate if they received their minutes of the last meeting. A motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes from the April 2008 meeting. A vote was taken and passed to accept the minutes.

TREASURER REPORT: (R. Portune) To date we have in our account $2,648.40. $200.00 is earmarked for the truck rental for the food sale. And $110.00 is earmarked for the Hat fund. That leaves us with $2,338.40 for charitable donations.

Airborne Static LineGeorgia
Rev. Ray O. Dugdale Letter, Ridgefield, WA
Col. J. Ross Franklin (USA-RET.) Letter, Pensacola, FL
Bill Anderson N.I.V.N., Ephrata, WA
Mr. Frank Schoch Airborne Static Line
CSM Rock Merritt 508th Airborne Assn. North Carolina
VVA Chapter #563 Newsletter, Petaluma, CA
VVA Chapter 20 New York
Hope & Help Prison Ministries CO.
Richard G. Becker 82nd Airborne Association
Jeffery J. Brodeur KWVA National Director MA
Deryk Wills 82th Airborne Assn. England
The California Zephyr VVA Council
The Graybeards KWVA VA
Harvest Vision Church KY
Barney McClendon N.I.V.N 2
Jim Weber Veterans Workforce Specialist CA
Rakkasan Shimbun 187th Airborne Fort Campbell KY
N.I.V.N. Tony Thompson Hays St. Prison-Trion GA


BYLAWS: Mr. Northrop - nothing to report.

FOOD SALE: Mr. Portune - gave a comprehensive report on the food sale.

SOCIAL: Mr. Portune - the social is on track. Portune asked if any member had any dietary concerns. Please notify him if you do.

COLOR GUARD: Mr. Caffale - nothing to report.

COMMARADERIE NIGHT: Mr. Stetler - Camaraderie night went well on the 17th of this month. All who came had a good time.

REAL CHOICE: Mr. Renteria - Nothing to report.

STAMPS FOR SOLDIERS: Mr. Schuhmacher - nothing to report.

GRANTS: Mr. Singler - gave a short synopsis as to why we may not be receiving grants.

SCHOLARSHIP: Mr. Leavitt - nothing new to report.

TAB'S FOR TOTS: Mr. Sanders - nothing to report.


Motion was made to allow the S.Q.T.V. to film our Annual Scholarship Social. The motion was voted on and passed.


A motion was made to adjourn the meeting, the motion was seconded. The motion passed.

The next meeting will be on May 29, 2008.

Robert Portune                                         M.W. CRAMER
Secretary/Tresurer                                     Correctional Lieutenant
                                                       V.V.G.S.Q. Chief Sponsor

Telephone (415) 454-1460, EXT. 5309 or 5757
FAX Telephone (415) 455-5049 ATTN: D. Sheldon SIA
     Brothers Helping Brothers

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