May General Meeting
Held May 23, 2010
Before the food delivery



Chairman Blair called the meeting to order at 8:16 hrs. Roll was called, 33 members were present, a quorum. 2 member was excused. 1 member is Out to Court. Our Chief Sponsor Lt. K. Evans was present. Sponsor/Supporters J. Manley, the V.V.G.S.Q. Webmaster, Terry Wolfe, V.I.G. and North Bay Vet Center representative, and Joe Pettiti, V.I.G. Sponsor were also present. Three Squires Sponsors, Ms. Grant, Ms. Jaundoo, and Lt. Luna were also present to help handle the huge delivery for condemned row. Also present driving the rental van, was Chaplain Hector Heredia. Thank you all for your dedication to us and for getting up so early, and driving such a long distance to spend this day full of hard work with us.

Members were asked to remove their hats for a moment of silence for the American Prisoners of War, those Missing in Action, those Killed in Action, and for our Marines and all of the other Service women and men deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the world. BR>
All members were asked if they received their minutes from last months meeting. All members did receive their minutes of last months meeting. Mr. Barton made a motion to accept the minutes. Mr. Hagan seconded. The motion to accept the April General Meeting minutes passed.

David J. Leavitt: We still have approximately $ 355.00 to pay for the truck rental and associated expenses. We also have 2 dozen VVGSQ member hats and 1 dozen VVGSQ Sponsor hats ordered that will cost approximately $300.00. A VVGSQ Member has said that he will donate enough to cover the cost of the hats. That still leaves us with a shortage of $355.00 for the truck rental. The reason that we are in the hole will be discussed at the next meeting.

Mr. Jeff Langnese: received the below listed correspondences during the month of May 2010.

Congressman Bob Filner, Veteran Affairs Committee Chairman,51st District, California, Chula Vista, 1 letter. Thank you once again for all of your assistance.
Mrs. JLynn Manley,USMC Mommy,V.V.G.S.Q. Webmaster, 2 letters.
“Between the Lines” VVA Chapter 20 Publication from Rochester,NY. Thank you for the National Military Appreciation Month information.
Tracy Cascio, Homeless Program Coordinator for the Dept. of Veteran Affairs, Oakland Army Base, a letter. Thank you for your dedication and all of the help that you give us.
Vince Milo, 4th Artillary Div, U.S. Army, Hillsboro Beach,FL. Thank you for your most welcome letter. < td>
N.I.V.N. Rev. Dugdale, Ridgefield, Washington. Thank you for your great letter.



Mr. Fernando Lemus: There are a couple of issues that are being formulated and will be heard at the next full membership meeting.


Mr. David J.Leavitt: We have an awful lot of food to hand out today. We have every VVGSQ member here today to put in a full days work. We are not going to tolerate any shenanigans so let’s get it done with same speed and courtesy that we always do. Everyone knows where they will be working. Bring your problems to me as they come. Squad leaders have complete authority to make any decisions concerning their areas. I will back up anything they decide, so listen to them.


Mr. David J. Leavitt: The narrative has been signed off by the Warden and we are ready to go. It will be held in the Main visiting room, on Saturday June 12, 2010 from 4:00pm to 8:30pm. Guests should show up at the East Gate Visitor Processing area at around 3:15 pm. This will allow time for them to all show up, be processed and escorted up to the Main Visiting room. A dozen members are on a set-up / clean-up crew. The list of set-up crew members is listed below. This crew will out count and set the visiting room up for the banquet. An early release, (with the diabetics), has been done so that as soon as the 4:00pm count clears, all members will be released to come to the visiting room. Close Custody members must leave at 7:45pm in order to get back to their cells for the 8:00pm count. All other members will help with the cleanup and resetting the visiting room back up for Sunday visiting. This special event requires us all to be in standard visiting attire. No personal clothes. State issue only.


Mr. Stanley Baer: We will present the Colors at the 24th Annual VVGSQ Scholarship banquet. The next event will be graduation practice on Tuesday June 22nd, and then the graduation on Thursday June 24th, 2010.


Mr. Fernando Lemus: The Scholarship committee members are Chairman – Fernando Lemus, Members are - Chris Schuhmacher, Joe Diggs, David Basile, and J.B. Wells. The 24th Annual VVGSQ scholarship award winners have been picked. We have a $2,500.00, $1,500.00, and two $1,000.00 scholarships this year. The set up crew for the event is Basile, Hagan, Elmore, Lemus, Capell, Blair, Caffale, Langnese, Leavitt, Warren, Lott, and Kess. These members will show up at the visiting room entrance at 2:00pm and be on the 4:00 pm outcount. All other members will be released early, as soon as the 4:00pm count clears. Both movements have been signed off and copies will be distributed when the time comes.


Mr. Pete Rooke: We have nothing new to report at this time. We are still collecting stamps for our next mailing.
(We would like to clarify that the stamps for Soldiers Program is used stamps still on the ripped off corners of the envelops. These stamps are peeled off the envelopes, then used as therapy for wounded Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers.)


Mr. Fernando Lemus: We are on stand by status right now, because of what happened to the two education classrooms that we ordinarily use. (They were partially destroyed by H-Unit inmates during inclimate weather as a place to stay out of the rain.).


Mr. Harry Barton: We have nothing new to report at this time.


Mr. Rooke: We will be mailing out a box full of tabs soon.


Mr. Chris Schuhmacher: We have 12 boxes ready for presentations at the 24th Annual V.V.G.S.Q. Scholarship banquet. It has been suggested by a box maker that we provide various unit insignia and he will make a custom box with the unit insignia carved into the top. These can then be presented to individuals in those units. Contact me with the info.


Chairman John Blair asked if there was any more Old Business. No one made a comment, so the Chairman opened the floor to all New Business.


Chairman John Blair opened the floor to any New Business. There was no new business to discuss.

A motion was made by Mr. Kevin Hagan to adjourn the meeting at 0900hr. The motion was seconded by Mr. Harry Barton. A vote was taken and the motion passed. The meeting adjourned at 0902 hrs.

NEXT CAMARADERIE NIGHT                                          NEXT MEETING 
Will be on Saturday, June 26, 2010.                             Will be on Sunday, June 27, 2010.                       
Bring plenty of snacks to munch on.                             This will be a Full Membership meeting

David J. Leavitt                                          LT. K. EVANS
Secretary/Treasurer                                       CORRECTIONAL LIEUTENANT
                                                          V.V.G.S.Q. CHIEF-SPONSOR

San Quentin State Prison
1 Main Street
San Quentin, CA 94964


Chief Sponsor Lt. K. Evans, (415) 454- 1460 (Extension 5051) 1430 – 2200 hr Mon - Fri
Co Sponsor, Sgt. D. Moore, (415) 454-1460 (Extension 5861) 0800 – 1430 hr Mon - Fri
FAX Telephone (415) 455-4113 ATTN: Lt. K. Evans

Brothers Helping Brothers


As of April 2010 General Meeting held May 2, 2010

Arnold, Richard P-27171 U.S. Army 11-B10 Probation to 7/25/10
Baer, Stan K-06285 U.S. Marine Corps HQSV Base Tel Color Guard Chairman
Barton, Harry C-03120 U.S. Navy CVS 12, USS Hornet R.E.A.L. Choices Chairman
Basile, David C-70016 U.S. Army 3rd Brigade, 3rd Battalion R.E.A.L. Choices
Beavers, Lawson P-14974 U.S. Army E Co., 407 Div. R.E.A.L. Choices
Blair, John C-59810 U.S. Marine Corps 4631 MCAW Yuma, 1st Mar Div. V.V.G.S.Q. Chairman
Botha, Gary D-88086 U.S. Army 72-B 20-P
Butler, Duane D-91464 U.S. Army 15-D / 13-E
Caffale, Giovanni D-97941 U.S. Marine Corps 353 Leopards, Sniper Color Guard
Capell, Trenton E-91949 U.S. Army 31 Kilo Color Guard
Diggs, Joe J-82153 U.S. Army 6 AO
Elmore, David K-87926 U.S. Marine Corps 3/5 Camp Lejune
Hagan, Kevin C-86518 U.S. Navy LPD7, USS Cleveland
Hickman, Hugh K-32967 U.S. Marine Corps 0311
Jones, Malcolm J-04780 U.S. Navy USS Coral Sea
Kaser, Robert D-41415 U.S. Army Old Guard
Kess, Phillip G-62396 U.S. Army 13 Bravo, Fort Hood Probation to 6/27/10
Langnese, Jeff D-38652 U.S. Army 11-B Outside Coordinator
Leavitt David C-48328 U.S. Marine Corps 211m 1st TK, 1st Mar Div. RVN Secretary/Treasurer/Color Guard/Food Sale Chairman/Scholarship Banquet Chairman
Lemus, Fernando K-69511 U.S. Air Force 320th SPS Vice-Chairman/By-Laws Chairman/Scholarship Chairman/Camaraderie Night Chairman
Lott, Robert J-85191 U.S. Army 3rd Infantry Div.
Morris, Darren K-36952 U.S. Air Force 50th Supply Sqdrn.
Parker, Anthony D-20753 U.S. Navy Av. Mach. Mate, NAS Whidbey Isl. Member @ Large H-Unit
Polley, Ahmad C-57727 U.S. Coast Guard Air Station S.F. Color Guard
Robinson, Garvin K-52086 U.S. Army 12 Bravo - 10 Color Guard
Rooke, Pete C-76159 U.S. Army 57F20, 348 S&S Stamps for Soldiers Chairman/Tabs For Tots Chairman
Salter, Benjamin H-81509 Probation to 9/26/10
Schuhmacher, Chris T-31014 U.S. Air Force 311 TRS Member @ Large North BlockPresentation Boxes Chairman
Self, Ronald U.S. Marine Corps 5th Pltn, 1st Force Recon.
Snider, James F-30077 U.S. Navy Boiler Tech, USS Blandy DD943 Probation to 6/27/10
Spillman, Glen F-42695 U.S. Army 11B, 1/9 – 7th Inf. Div. Fort Ord Probation to 6/27/10
Torkelson, Edwin F-78693 U.S. Navy AQ, NAS Whidbey Island
Tupling, Albert K-26855 U.S. Navy USS Midway
Vick, Ernie P-59262 U.S. Marine Corps 0211, 1st Mar Div.
Warren, John T-86358 U.S. Navy BM, NAS Lemore
Wells, James B. C-44955 U.S. Marine Corps 6613 - AE
Willis, Edward E-08652 U.S. Navy DLG 25, USS Bainbridge


As of 6/15/2010

June 26, 2010 Camaraderie Night @ 1530 hr.
June 27, 2010 Monthly Meeting @ 0800 hr. (Nominations)
July 24, 2010 Camaraderie Night @ 1530 hr.
July 25, 2010 Monthly Meeting @ 0800 hr. (Vote in new Exec)
August 2, 2010 Oct Delivery Food sale Narrative turned in (This Food Sale is for Operation Mom’s and the V.V.G.S.Q. Toy Program).
August 28, 2010 Camaraderie Night @ 1530 hr.
August 29, 2010 Monthly Meeting @ 0800 hr. (New Exed Body)
September 25, 2010 Camaraderie Night @ 1530 hr.
September 26, 2010 Monthly Meeting @ 0800 hr.
October 23, 2010 Non perishable Food Delivered
October 23, 2010 Camaraderie Night @ 1530 hr.
October 24, 2010 Monthly Meeting W/Sponsors before Food Delivery
October 24, 2010 Food Delivery for Operation MOM’s / Toy Program
November 27, 2010 Monthly Meeting @ 0800 hr.
November 28, 2010 Camaraderie Night @ 1530 hr.

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