General Meeting
May 31, 2009

                                      EXECUTIVE OFFICERS PRESENT
                                    CHAIRMAN                  M. NORTHROP  
                                    SECRETARY/TREASURER       R. PORTUNE
                                    OUTSIDE COORDINATOR       F. LEMUS

                                              MEMBERS AT LARGE
                                    NORTH BLOCK               S. BAER
                                    H-UNIT                    A. PARKER

Chairman Mr. Northrop calls the meeting to order at 8:05 hrs. Roll was called, 37 members were present; a quorum. 2 members were excused and 1 member was absent. Appropriate sponsorship 'Debra Sheldon' and 'Gloria Godchaux' from Operation:Mom was present.

Members were asked to remove their hats for a moment of silence for the American Prisoners of War, those Missing in Action, those Killed in Action, and for our troops deployed around the world.

Members were asked to indicate if they received their minutes of the last months meeting. A motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes from the April meeting. A vote was taken and passed to accept the minutes.

TREASURER'S REPORT: (R. Portune): The donation to the 82nd Airborne of $1,500.00 the group has a balance of $351.86 of this money $200.00 is for the hat fund leaving the group $151.86 in usable funds.

OUTSIDE COORDINATOR: (F. Lemus): read a list of correspondence.
Lawrence Jeffers 82nd Airborne 508th Soldier of the year
Luis J. Gutierrez Command Sergeant Major U.S. Army Special Forces (Ret.) Fort Bragg
Sergeant Major Millard R. Ball U.S. Army (Ret.) Fort Campbell 101st, 11th, and 187th Airborne
Ketteth J. (Rock) Merritt 82nd Airborne 508th Association
Jeffrey J. Brodeur KWVA National Director
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Cutting Golden Gate Chapter 82nd Airborne Division Association
Mr. Richard G. Becker 82nd Airborne Division Association Past National President
American Airborne Association Airborne Quarterly
Pastor Brad Clark & Editor Sister Trina Ball Harvest Vision Church
Chaplain Dugdale N.I.V.N.
Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 205 Dennis Conway 93-B-1755 Chmn. of the Board
Janis Yee MS MFT Swards to Plowshares
National Incarcerated Veterans Association Big Al Newman
Frank Schoch Veterans Corner
The Rakkasan Shimbun 187th Airborne Association
The Graybeards KWVA
The Paraglide 82nd Airborne Association
VVA Chapter 20 "Between the Lines" Rochester, NY
Ron Trovato Writes Incarceration Section for B.T.L.
Sister Viki Jesus Wept Ministries Richardson, TX
N.I.V.N. Bill Anderson Ephrata, Washington
V.V.A. Chap, #190 "The Eagle" Atmore, Alabama


BY-LAWS: Mr. Hagan: the 2009-2010 By-Laws have been submitted and have been approved.

FOOD SALE: Mr. Portune: the narrative has been completed for the upcoming food sale. We will submit it when the product list is completed. We are going to drop Pizza and Ghiradelli's Chocolate Squares from this sale. These items will be replace with pre-packed meals from Applebee's and with Pound Plus Chocolate Bars from Trader Joe's. This food sale will begin August 1 with the delivery date of September 27.

SOCIAL: Mr. Portune: all paper work has been approved including the camera memo the social will take place on June 27 2009 at 10:00 am - 3:00 pm in the Garden Chapel. Mr. Northrop Chairman asked two volunteers to assemble boxes for Operation: Mom. Five volunteer to address labels, five volunteers to serve the meals and two to sit on the sodas. Mr. Faison will pick up the ice.
Box Volunteers: are Sanders and Lott. Label Volunteers: are Haskin, Lemus, Roberts, Schuhmacher and Wells. Meal Server Volunteers: Hagan, Parker, Rooke, Leavitt and Warren. Soda Volunteers: Kie and Barton. Portune and Blair will coordinate the distributionof the meals.

COLOR GUARD: Mr. Baer: we are awaiting a memo from education requesting the color guard for the up-coming Graduation.

STAMPS FOR SOLDIERS: Mr. Schuhmacher: There is nothing to report.

SCHOLARSHIP: Mr. Leavitt: we have received five applications. The scholarship committee will meet on the yard on Tuesday night to pick the winner. The committee will inform the Chairman of the person to receive the scholarship. The Chairman will inform the Chief Sponsor Lieutenant Cramer of the winner and he will then notify the winner.

CAMARADERIE NIGHT: Mr. PORTUNE: the last camaraderie night was a success. The group voted for the movie for the next camaraderie night. The next movie shown will be The Memphis Bell. The group would like to thank our Co-Sponsor Debra Sheldon for giving up her Saturday night so we are able to have camaraderie night.

REAL CHOICES: Mr. Renteria: Vernell Crittenton the Executive Director of R.E.A.L Choices will attend the Scholarship Banquet.

TAB'S FOR TOT'S: Mr. Sanders: a large number of tabs are coming in and we will be shipping a large box of tabs soon.

PRESENTATION BOXES: Mr. Roberts: a box was given to Sergeant Major M. Ball (Rakkasan 187th Airborne) in addition one was given to Jeff Brodeur (Korean War Veterans Association National Director). The boxes are ready for the June 27 event that will be presented to our Sponsors and Supporters.

There was no old business.


Two group members have paroled this last month - Mr. Singler and Mr. Byars. The group wishes them well. A special thanks to Mr. Singler for a job well done as this years Vice-Chairman.

Mr. Uribe will parole this month. This was his last meeting. He made a short statement thanking the group and said his farewells.

The Chairman Mr. Northrop brought to the floor a request from San Quentin C.A.R.E.S. for 12 members to sign up for the Inaugural Two Day 39-Mile Walk for A Cure Fundraiser. Twelve members volunteered. In addition Mr. Northrop asked the groupo to donate two cases of bottled water to this worthy cause. A motion to donate water was received and this motion carried.

Ms. Debra Sheldon V.V.G.S.Q. Co-Sponsor discussed the possibility of the group starting a fund for members who will be paroling soon to help with the cost of a drivers license or state ID card. Ms. Sheldon is working on this with Mr. John Curzon on this project.


The nominations for the up coming election on June 28 2009 for the new Executive Body are open. The nominees are:

Mr. Hagan Mr. Roberts

Mr. Roberts Mr. Botha

Mr. Leavitt Mr. Hagan

Mr. Langnese Mr. Schumacher

Mr. Mr. Rooke Mr. Blair
Mr. Mr. Schumacher Mr. Baer

Mr. Parker Mr. Hagan

The Chairman Mr. Northrop thanked Ms. Debra Sheldon and Ms. Gloria Godchaux for sponsoring the meeting.

There was a motion to adjourn the meeting and seconded. The motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 0900 hrs.

Will be on June 28, 2009.
Camaraderie Night will be June 27, 2009.

Robert Portune                                         M.W. CRAMER
Secretary/Tresurer                                     Correctional Lieutenant
                                                       V.V.G.S.Q. Chief Sponsor

Telephone (415) 454-1460, EXT. 5309 or 5757
FAX Telephone (415) 455-5049 ATTN: D. Sheldon SIA

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