Sunday, August 27, 2006
General Membership Meeting

     Executive Committee Present:          Eddie Renteria               Chairman VVGSQ
                                           John Blair                   Vice-Chairman VVGSQ
                                           Mike Northrop                Secretary/Treasurer
                                           Jeff Langnese                Outside Coordinator
                                           Harry Barton                 Member-at-Large (North Block)
                                           Mike Atkins                  Member-at-Large (H-Unit)

Meeting called to order at 0800 hours by Chairman Renteria. Roll was called. A quorum of voting members was present.

Chairman Renteria asked everyone to remove their hats for a moment of silence for America’s Prisoners of War, her Missing in Action, those Killed in Action, and our troops deployed around the world.

Members were asked to indicate if they received their minutes of the last meeting. A motion was made to accept the minutes from the July 2006 meeting. Motion approved.

TREASURER REPORT: (Mike Northrop) A summary of current account status was presented to the group and no questions were posed.

OUTSIDE COORDINATOR: (Jeff Langnese) The Group received correspondence from the following: (But first this message.)

ATTENTION: Supporters, Our mailroom is three weeks behind. If we do not have your listing this month, we shall have it in next month's minutes.

Col. J.R. Franklin, USA (ret.) - Letter N.I.V.N. Pensacola, Florida - VVGSQ, thanks for your continued support.
Col. William E. Weber, USA (ret.) - Letter (Airborne Quanrterly) - New Windsor, Maryland, thank you for the Airborne Quarterly.
Richard G. Becker, 82nd Airborne Association past president - Letter.
Ron and Carrie Cutting - Letter - two of VVGSQ's most ardent supporters.
President R. D'Avanzo, VVA Chapter 371, Jackson, Mississippi - Chapter minutes and stationary.
Between the Lines, VVA Chapter 20 - Advocates for the incarcerated veterans across the United States.
President R. Ahalt, VVA Chapter 205, Auurn, New York - Newsletters of July and August.
President Ron Baraz, VVA Chapter 563, Petaluma, California - Yountville reminder.
Frank Schoch, Static Line - Voice for the incarcerated veterans - thanks Frank.
Chaplain Dugdale, N.I.V.N., Ridgefield, Washington - Mission of Faith
Chaplain Bill Anderson, N.I.V.N., Ephata, Washington - Chaplain for twenty years at Washington State Prison.
Jim Kenny, VSO
James L. Weber, Veterans Workforce Specialist.
President Millard Ball, Eleventh Airborne Chapter, Fort Campbell, Kentucky - Thank you letter for supporting the 11th Airborne convention.
Operation Dignity - Information on services offered - Group has voted to send your program $200.
Anne Carrol - thank you card.
Harvest Vision church, N.I.V.N.
Baraney McClendon - letter

Committee Reports:

NONPROFIT: (Ron Singlar) We continue to wait for bylaws from John Chaney to see if we can join with them. Conseqently, no movement.

FUND RAISER: (Mike Northrop) It is moving along well and everything is in place. Bob Lott contacted a vendor regarding food pouches and received a very positive response. Debra Sheldon thanked the veterans group for their help with a prior fund raiser and explained the issue of higher prices for certain food items.

SCHOLARSHIP/OPERATION MOM: (November 18, 2006): (Mike Northrop) We are combining packing health and comfort items for deployed troops with our Veterans Day social. There will be three options for our meal: Golden Gate chapter, Panda Express, or Outback Steakhouse. The proposal is currently moving through appropriate protocol. The amound of group donations for meals will determine what food items will be served. Please note that trust withdrawals for the cost of this meal will not be processed until late October or early November this year. David Leavitt inquired if our group was meeting the time constraints on our proposal and was assured that we are. VVGSQ has obtained a solid commitment from eight brown card holders to remain until the completion of this event. All supporters and sponsors are respectfully requested to remain until the completion of this event.

COLOR GUARD: (Gio Caffale) Nothing to report at this time.

CAMARADERIE NIGHT: (Larry "Popeye" Faison) Nothing to report at this time.

R.E.A.L. CHOICES: (Wolf Stipe) Nothing to report at this time.

STAMPS FOR SOLDIERS: (David Leavitt) John Warren now is representative (4N92). Program is fine, running smoothly.

GRANTS: (Jeff Langnese) Nothing to report at this time.

HOLIDAY TOY PROGRAM: (Wolf Stipe) This program's proposal has been initiated - "things are rolling." Favorable support is being experienced from visiting staff.

New Business:

Candidate Holloday recognized as prospective new member of group. He served with the United States Army.

Jacob Graham, PIA supervisor, was received as a new sponsor of the VVGSQ. Supervisor Graham addressed the group regarding his military service in the Army and the United State Marine Corps.

Debra Sheldon thanked the group for their diligence and professionalism in conducting group business.

VVA CHAPTER 563 sponsors an annual picnic at the Yountville veterans home. Jeff Langnese made motion for group to donate $200 to VVA Chapter 563 for this picnic, since they have faithfully supported our group. Motion approved.

OPERATION DIGNITY - Tracy Puller - Jeff Langnese read their brochure and made motion to donate $200 of group money for meals. Motion voted upon and approved.

John Blair proposed moving the starting time for all fund raisers to the 10th of the month so that those paraticipating could better balance their individual trust accounts.

Correctional Captains Lawson and Henry have tentatively agreed to allow San Quentin reception center inmates to donate funds to our annual holiday toy program. The required proposal is currently being formulataed, upon the insistent prompting of the executive committee, by Greg Sanders. Greg will require member volunteers when and if the time comes to distribute flyers. Implementation will require the approval of Associate Warden S. Petrakis.

We adjourned at 0840 hours. All are reminded to inform the secretary of cell/dorm changes.

NEXT MEETING: Sunday, 24th September 2006

MIKE NORTHROP                                W. JEPPESON
Secretary/Treasurer                         Correctional Counselor II, Specialist

Comittee/Activity                Chairman                   Housing

By-laws                          Jeff Biggs                 2N37
Camaraderie Night	         Larry "Popeye" Faison	    1N65
Color Guard	                 Geo Caffale      	    3N63
Fund raising	                 Mike Northrop   	    3N71
Grants	                         Jeff Langnese              3N92
Happy Hats	                 (stand down)
Joint Venture                    (stand down)
Nonprofit	                 Ron Singler	            3N39
Public Information               Jeff Langnese	            3N92
R.E.A.L. Choices	         Wolf Stipe	            3N25
Scholarship Committee            (stand down)               	
Social Committee	         Mike Northrop	            3N71
Stamps for Soldiers	         John Warren	            4N92
Holiday Toy Program		 Wolf Stipe                 3N25

Attention: Outside Correspondents:

If you would like further information on any of the projects, activities, or goals of the V.V.G.S.Q., or would like to participate, please contact the following:

Community Partnership Manager's Office
Attn: Carol Jackson/VVGSQ                Phone:      415-455-5090
San Quentin State Prison                 Fax:        415-455-5180 
San Quentin, CA 94964

For further information about the Vietnam Veterans Group of San Quentin (VVGSQ), please see our web site at:

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