CONVENED:   1915 HOURS

                                ADJOURNED:   2115 HOURS

                                 MEMBERS PRESENT:   18

AL		: Bo, the Board of Directors would l i k e f o r you t o research
                the By-Laws on the a f f e c t s of the group, i n the l e g a l i t y of
                voting in new members. New members w i l l be placed on a ninety
                day (90) probationary period. This ninety day period, w i l l
                enable the new member to obtain his DD-214.

BO		: Passed out the By-Laws so that the members could read and
                understand the procedures of voting i n new members.

                (Spider, came off of a v i s i t and joined the meeting)

KICKSTAND       : On page five (5), r e l a t e s to the guidelines on membership.
                Read Membership, section “C", returning members. Section "D”,
                new members. Also, read the section under membership
                terminated. We must start to select our membership by the
                guidelines set-up i n the By-Laws. The actions of one member,
                r e f l e c t s the INTEGRITY OF THE GROUP.

SPIDER	        : Received a l e t t e r from Rebecca Robinson, concerning Agsnt
                Orange. if you want to sign-up, for testing of agent orange,
                do so now, and this list w i l l be given to Rebecca, of the
                Vietnam Veterans of California, Inc.

BO	 	: Put a motion before the general membership, to let the BY-LAWS
                stand. as is, the reinstatement of any group member that
                has been terminated, w i l l be handled by a Staff Sponsor. A
                Sponsor will investigate the member as to their integrity
                and to their acceptance, into the group.

RUSSELL 	: Second.

AL		: A vote on this motion was done by a roster vote.
                All in favor 15
                All apposed 13
                All abstained 2
                Motion carried.

Skip West 	: Brought up new member. C. Garrison, USAF, ten years,
                Decorated with the AIR FORCE CROSS, amount several other
                Also a ( P O W )

KICKSTAND	: Made a motion to give a V.V.G.S.Q. hat to Garrison.

WAMBAUGH        : Second the motion

AL		: All in favor, UNANIMOUS.

SONNY	        : What about the flowers?

SHIP WEST	: The f lowers were approved, t o give as gifts to four ( 4 ) ladies
                and two (2) men, for the Inmate Account Office. The cost of
                the flowers is approximately $25.00 each.

AL		: Christmas Buffet papers are sitting on I. Nienhuis’ desk.
                Sponsor Fitzgerald, will get with Mr . Nienhuis, concerning
                this paper work.

                After a Board of Directors Meeting, we found out that the
                Indian Group, has given up their fund raiser date to the
                S.Q.U.I.R.E’s. They plan on selling pizza, right before our
                sale, which was also going to be pizza. We need to choose
                another vendor.

SONNY	        : Can we find another vendor?

KICKSTAND	: Made a motion t o send a $1 ,000.00 t o Florida for the homeless
                of hurricane Andrews.
                Table it until next meeting.

AL		: Brought up John Gilliland's ~ application for membership. A1
                spoke In behalf of John Gilliiand.
                Table it unti1 next meeting.

SONNY      	: We need to reimburse inmate Beck, on his photo's. He orders
                two sets , but only received one set.

RUSSELL	        : Motion to adjourn the meeting.

COONEY	        : Second

AL		: Took a vote, Carried - 2115 hours.

____________________                                         ______________________
DAVID WILLIAMS                                               AL HASELTINE
SECRETARY / TREASURER                                        CHAIRMAN
V.V.G.S.Q.                                                   V.V.G.S.Q.

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