September 18, 1992
Meeting called to order : 1930 hours
Fourteen (14) members present. (A quorum)

Al            : Our Christmas Buffet and Fund Raiser has been put on HOLD,
              until the administration and Sacramentco get together and come
              up with some new rules on the food. They did say, that no
              food will be prepared on the lower yard.

Russell       : , received a copy of the V.V.A. information, so if you want
              the info , I've got it. (Educational benefits)
              Three members arrived, Hill, Tyson, Sam.

Al            : This is what our next food sale sheet will look like and
              consist of. (Sale sheet passed around the room to the members)

Davis         : Read John Henry's resignation. Henry's resignation was
              excepyed. He will be placed on the inactive list.

Al            : We have some new members to bring up.

Sonny         : A Vet named Penka, Army, 74-76. , spoke with this Vet and
              feel comfortable with him. , make a motion that we except
              this new member pending DD-214.

Miller        : Second the motion.

Al            : Asked for a vote on the motion, unanimous, motion carried.

Sonny         : We never found out if our outside people can be approved as

Russsll       : There are two different by-laws on admission to the group,
              and they are, they have to have served the time of a
              conflict and come under the VFW Guide lines.

Russell       : Made a motion to except John Gilliland and Holllngsworth as
              associate members, of V.V.G.S.Q.. Gilliland was voted in,

              Hollingsworth, was tabled until next meeting due to the dates
              on his application.

Al            : Was Beck taken care of on his pictures?

David         : Yes, , did a trust withdrawals and its in accounting being

Al            : For everyone's information, all our V.V.S.S.Q. group functions
              and group business has been placed on three different disks.

Sonny         : Is there a consideration for Vice-chairman?

Al           : Brown is suppose to be working with Colleen and Ernie, to
              get his paper work.

Sonny         : We need to discuss a Vice-chairman.

A1            : We'll appoint an H-Unit member to hold that position until
              either Brown receives his paper work, or an election.
              We need to send a letter up to NS and see if they want to
              pick a liaison up there, to represent the row.

Sonny         : What about our ID's?

A1            : Print shop doesn't have the fluid that they need, to make
              the ID's. When they get the material, they will be printed.

Russell       : Doug Carmichaels Mother passed away, and, I'd like to know
              if our group could get her something, such as a reef or a
              flower arrangement.

Sonny         : Doug was a founder of the group, and the wreath sounds like
              a great idea to me.

Russell       : Motion to send flower wreath or something. Motion seconded
              by Miller. Motion carried, unanimous vote.

Russell       : I'd like to make a motion to except last meetings minutes.
              Second by Miller, motion carried.

Kickstand     : , got a letter the other day from Colleen, it was a thank
              you letter for the card that the group sent her when her
              Mother passed away.

Al            : While we have Kickstand here, for your information, he leaves
              Monday .
Johnson       : When we have sales, can we set aside so much for bereavement
              funds. This is a motion and the amount agreed on is $250.00.
              Second by Garrison, Motion carried.
Enos          : We should discuss helping our Vets when they parole, due to
              the fact that $200.00 gate money goes nowhere. Say $100.00
              or so from the group.

Russell       : It's a great idea, but we need to see what happening with the
              food sales, etc.

Al            : Lets table this until the next meeting.

Berry         : We need to make explicit rules as to qualifying for the

Al            : Berry why don't you and Doug get together and see what exactly
              can be done on this. Will table this until our next meeting.

David         : We need to get with our Sponsors and see about getting more

Al            : I'll see Sgt. Rice on this.

Miller        : I'd like to have Garrison step in as outside coordinator.

Garrison      :  I've sent all types of letters out to various places for medals
              and, I'll see if we can maybe order direct.

Al            : The plaque in the archives needs to be re-done. So we can
              re-present it at our Christmas Buffet.

Russell       : Motion to adjourn, second by Berry motion carried.

               Meeting adjourned at 2100 hours

David Williams                             Al Haseltine
Secrezary/Treasurer                        Chairman
V.V.G.S.Q.                                 V.V.G.S.Q.

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