September General Meeting
Held in the Library on September 25, 2011

Chairman Ron Self
Vice-Chairman Barry Spillman
Secretary/Treasurer Dave Basile
Outside Coordinator Greg Sanders
H-Unit Member-at-Large Anthony Parker
North Block Member-at-Large Malcolm Jones

Chairman Self called the meeting to order at 0805 hrs. Roll was called: 32 members present, 2 excused, 1 absent - there was a quorum. Our Sponsor, Lt. K. Evans was present as well as Lt. R. Luna. Thank you all for joining us.

All present were asked to remove their hats for a moment of silence for those Missing-in-Action, those Killed-in-Action, and all other service members deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the world.

All members were asked if they received the August 2011 General Meeting minutes. All members did receive their minutes and no corrections were requested. A motion to accept the minutes was requested by Mr. Polley, and was seconded by Mr. Arnold. A vote was taken and the motion passed.

Mr. John Warren: We have $16.04 in our account as of 2/1/2011. We gave Operation: MOM $1,754.74, which included a $40.00 donation from a couple of lawyers. We received $10.00 from hat sales to members, $6.00 donated by Mr. Rooke, and $0.04 from an inmate that zeroed out his account.

Mr. Dave Basile: We Have $1,615.32 in our account as of 9/31/2011.

Mr. Greg Sanders: We have not received any correspondence since our last meeting. Mr. Sanders indicated that he has mailed out 28 letters to various organizations informing them of his status as our Outside Coordinator as well as notifying them of Jeff Lagnese' parole.

Our group had in attendance a new memeber Mr. Dwight Adams. Failure ot properly introduce this man to our group will be remedied at the October 30th meeting.



Mr. Bob Kaser is the current Chairman appointee and any questions concerning By-Laws shall be made to him.


Mr. Pete Rook is the current Chairman appointee and was informed that no food sale fundraisers will take place until Warden Martel's decision on several pending issues. As of this date, nothing has been decided. Therefore, our next food sale will not be known for some time.


Mr. Darren Morris is the current Chairman appointee. Toy program narrative has been submitted and Letters have been mailed for donations. (See attached schedule for toy program dates). Of note, Mr. Stan Baer was appointed to the toy program as a mentor for committee members.


Mr. Joe Robinson is the current Chairman appointee.


Mr. Trent Capell is the current Chairmans appointee and has been informed that the Color Guard will be utilized during the scheduled Run to the Pen event on November 12, 2011.


Chairman Self has assumed the duties of supplying JLynn Manley of all relevant material needed to keep our website current.


Mr. Albert Tupling is the current Chairman appointee. Should any questions arise regarding procedure contact Pete Rooke


Chairman Self has assumed the duties of coordinating movie selections for Camaraderie night. Camaraderie night for September was unable to occur due to no coverage.


R.E.A.L. CHOICES is on stand down until information about the status of the juvenile diversion programs are decided. Furthermore, a meeting will be called to determine if REAL Choices can provide training for any members wishing to participate. the membership body will be informed when this information is gathered.


Mr. Chris Schuhmacher is the current Chairman appointee.


Secretary Basile brought up the proposed revision concerning Section IV, Membership, sub-section, Involuntary Termination, paragraph 6, which states: Once released from prison or transferred to another CDCR institution, membership is automatically terminated. The proposed change allows for a member in Good standing, who through CDCR procedures, are non-adversely transferred to another Institution/facility; or take a member-initiated leave of absence, will not be required to wait the 90 day Probationary period, but still needs to be voted in byt the general membership. In addition, members in Good standing who fall under this criteria will also not be required to meet the time constraints to hold office as long as they were member in Good standing for at least one year prior to transfer or Leave of absence.

The floor was opened to debate. Mr. Kaser made a motion to vote on the proposal, which was seconded by Mr. Barton. A vote was taken with the results: 25 members voted to make the proposed change, 1 dissent, with 6 members abstaining.


Chairman Self announced the proposed Run to the Pen event scheduled for November 12, 2011. Lt. Evans indicated that the event is a go. With that information, Secretary Basile stated that it would cost the group approximately $540.00 to purchase 200 Run to the Pen pins and 25 Spooky pins. Members would be able to make purchases of thses pins for $10.00 apiece to offset our costs to purchase them. A motion to send th emoney on the pins was made by Mr. Sanders; it was seconded by Mr. Warren. a vote carried unanimously.

Chairman Self introduced the Kit Kat group, which is a group of prisoners here at SQ that were arrested or convicted a juveniles to life sentences. Chairman Self stated that on November 13 & 27, the Kit Kat group, in the ARC trailer, will be conduction a workshop to create Christmas cards with inspirational saying for the children at the oakland Children's Hospital. Chairman Self stated that anyone wishing to assist in this workshop is welcome by the Kit Kat group.

A motion to adjourn the meeting by Mr. Tupling and seconded by Mr. Arnold. A vote was taken and the motion passed. the meeting adjourned at 0845 hrs.




(SIGNED)					        (SIGNED 9-30.11)		
D. Basile,	                                               DATE
V.V.G.S.Q. Secretary/Treasurer	    	            	

(SIGNED) (SIGNED 9-30-11) Ron Self DATE V.V.G.S.Q. Chairman


(SIGNED) (SIGNED 10/6/2011) K. EVANS DATE Correctional Lieutenant V.V.G.S.Q. Chief Sponsor

Vietnam Veterans Group of San Quentin Chief Sponsor: Lt. K. Evans, (415) 454-1460 x 5716 San Quentin State Prison Co-Sponsor: Sgt. D. Moore, (415) 454-1460 x 5861 1 Main Street Fax: (415) 455-4113 San Quentin, CA 94964


Brothers Helping Brothers


October 29, 2011         Camaraderie Night in Education Bldg. C-1 @ 1630 hrs.
October 30, 2011         General Meeting in the Library @ 0800 hrs..

November 12, 2011      3rd Annual Run to the Pen
November 27, 2011	     Camaraderie Night in Education Bldg. C-1 @ 1630 hrs.

December 10, 2011      Christmas Toy Program in Visiting Rooms
December 11, 2011      Christmas Toy Program in Visiting Rooms
December 17, 2011      Christmas Toy Program in Visiting Rooms
December 18, 2011      General Meeting in the Library @ 0800 hrs.
December 18, 2011      Christmas Toy Program in Visiting Rooms
December 24, 2011      Christmas Toy Program in Visiting Rooms
December 25, 2011      Christmas Toy Program in Visiting Rooms


Adams, Dwight K-98701 Prob 12/24/11
Arnold, Richard P-27171 U.S. Army 11-B10 VIG
Baer, Stan K-06285 U.S. Marine Corps HQSV Base Tel VIG / Toy Program
Barton, Harry C-03120 U.S. Navy CVS 12, USS Hornet VIG
Basile, David C-70016 U.S. Army 3rd Brigade, 3rd Battalion VIG / Secretary/Treasurer
Beavers, Lawson P-14974 U.S. Army E Co., 407 Div. Color Guard / VIG
Botha, Gary D-88086 U.S. Army 72-B 20-P VIG
Brown, David AE-3137 Voting Member
Butler, Duane S. D-91464 U.S. Army 15-D / 13-E VIG
Caffale, Giovanni D-97941 U.S. Marine Corps 353 Leopards, Sniper VIG
Capell, Trenton E-91949 U.S. Army 31 Kilo Chairman Color Guard
Faison, Popeye C-68462 Toy Program
Gomez, Johnny K-72622 Toy Program
Gumpal, Mauro P-00591 Voting Member
Hickman, Hugh K-32967 U.S. Marine Corps 0311 Voting Member
Jones, Malcolm J-04780 U.S. Navy USS Coral Sea VIG / N.B. Member at Large
Kaser, Robert D-41415 U.S. Army Old Guard VIG
Kess, Phillip G-62396 U.S. Army 13 Bravo, Fort Hood Voting Member
Morris, Darren K-36952 U.S. Air Force 50th Supply Sqdrn. Chairmam Toy Program
Parker, Anthony D-20753 U.S. Navy Av. Mach. Mate, NAS Whidbey Isl. H-Unit Member-at-Large
Polley, Ahmad C-57727 U.S. Coast Guard Air Station S.F. Color Guard / VIG
Robinson, Garvin K-52086 U.S. Army 12 Bravo - 10 Color Guard / Scholarship Chair
Rooke, Pete C-76159 U.S. Army 57F20, 348 S&S Food Sale Chairman
Sanders, Greg E-05222 U.S. Marines VIG / Outside Coordinator
Schuhmacher, Chris T-31014 U.S. Air Force 311 TRS Presentation Boxes Chair
Self, Ronald K-21055 U.S. Marine Corps 5th Pltn, 1st Force Recon. VIP / VIG / Chairman
Snider, James F-30077 U.S. Navy Boiler Tech, USS Blandy DD943 Voting Member
Spillman, Glen F-42695 U.S. Army 11B, 1/9 – 7th Inf. Div. Fort Ord VIG / Vice Chairman
Stauffer, Paul T-80750 Voting Member
Trevino, Danny J-93154 Voting Member
Tupling, Albert K-26855 U.S. Navy USS Midway Stamps for Soldiers / Tabs for Tots
Vick, Ernie P-59262 U.S. Marine Corps 0211, 1st Mar Div. VIG
Warren, John T-86358 U.S. Navy BM, NAS Lemore Voting Member
Willis, Edward E-08652 U.S. Navy DLG 25, USS Bainbridge Color Guard


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