September General Meeting
Held in the Library on September 26, 2010

Chairman Fernando Lemus
Vice-Chairman Duane S. Butler
Secretary/Treasurer John Warren
Outside Coordinator Jeff Langnese
North Block Member-at-Large Chris Schuhmacher
H-Unit Member-at-Large Anthony Parker

Chairman Lemus called the meeting to order at 0810 hrs. Roll was called: 27 members present, 6 members excused 2 members absent - there was a quorum. Our Chief Sponsor, Lt. K. Evans was present. Two of our outside sponsors were present: JLynn Manley (our webmaster) and Gloria Godchaux (from Operation MOM). Mr. Tim William from the Coast Guard joined us as well. Thank you all for coming.

All present were asked to remove their hats for a moment of silence for those Missing-in-Action, those Killed-in-Action, and all other service members deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the world. .

All members were asked if they received the August 2010 General Meeting minutes. All members did receive their minutes and no corrections were requested. A motion to accept the minutes was requested by Mr. Elmore and was seconded by Mr. Barton. A vote was taken and the motion passed.

Mr. John Warren: We have $121.01 in our account as of 9/15/2010. We are still trying to pay for the last order of hats that we received.

Mr. Jeff Langnese: We have received the following correspondence during the month of September:

V.V.A. Chapter 20: Letter from Ton Trovato in Rochester, NY.
V.V.A. Chapter l90: Letter and minutes from Craig & the guys in Atmore, AL.
Jesus Wept Ministries: Letter from Sister Vicky, a Veteran Advocate in Richardson, TX.
4th Artillery Division: Letter from Vince Milo in Hillsboro Beach, FL.

Thank you all for corresponding with us!

Also, I would like to remind people that the last Sunday in September is Gold Star Mom Observance Day and the V.V.G.S.Q. still holds Gold Star Mom Mysty Stumbo close to our hearts.



Mr. Harry Barton: We have problems; we have found at least eight pages with discrepancies. See issues under New Business.


Mr. John Warren: The food sale forms for mainline have been> The runners for H-Unit are Mr. Hickman, Mr. Kess, Mr. Lott, Mr. Parker, Mr. Torkelson, and I.
The runners for North Block are Mr. Arnold, Mr. Beavers, Mr. Capell, Mr. Elmore, Mr. Hagan, and Mr. Robinson. A memorandum will be issued for North Block members to roam the unit during third watch closed unit.
Please do not pass out these forms before October 1. The last day for form pick up is Sunday, October 31. H-Unit forms are to be given to Mr. Warren periodically. Likewise, North Block forms are to be given to Mr. Lemus.
The proceeds from this sale will be split 50-50 between the Toy Program and Operation Mom. The delivery day will be Sunday, December 5.


This committee is on stand down until next year.


Mr. Stanley Baer: We are still awaiting our instructions for the Run-to-the-Pen event in November.
The Machine Shop students (Mr. Butler, Mr. Langnese, Mr. Kess, and Mr. Schuhmacher) are working on replacing our flag ornaments. They have the eagle.
There is no news on getting new clothing for the Color Guard.


This committee is on stand down until next year:


Mr. Pete Rooke: We have lost our connection with an outside Catholic church that used to send us used stamps. Mr. Hagan will look into the matter.


Mr. John Warren: On Saturday, September 25, we saw two short documentaries: Vietnam: the Chopper War and Prelude to War. They were not well received.
Our next camaraderie night will be October 30. Movie title will be announced, but be aware that the movement sheet is actually for 1700 hrs., so this movie will start at 1730 hrs. in order to fully screen it.
There will be a special camaraderie event for Thursday, November 11 at 1200 hrs. It is Veteran’s Day and it is fitting that we should get together on that day. Details on the actual movie will follow, but at any rate, we will be highlighting one of our longest movies. Thanks again Sgt. Moore for your dedication to us old vets.


Mr. Harry Barton: Everything is going along. We had a couple of training programs.


Mr. Rooke: We have some 15 lbs. ready for shipping.


Mr. Kevin Hagan: The narrative for the 22nd Annual San Quentin Holiday Toy Program has been resubmitted for approval with the Close B clause removed. The toys will be distributed on December 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th, and 25th. Letters to donors are going to be generated soon.


This committee is on stand down until further notice.


Mr. Chris Schuhmacher: Nothing new to report at this time.


Mr. Kevin Hagan: We need more stuff from the archives published. Mr. Warren will look for more.


Mr. Caffale: There was some question as to whether or not the group should become involved in this matter. After some discussion and voting, the group has decided to pursue helping out with bettering the quality of our signals, short of committing any group money.


New committee formed. Mr. Baer will be the chairman. Mr. Spillman will be a member. See New Business section.

Chairman Lemus asked if there was any Old Business.

We are attempting to get sponsor hats to the ladies that donated $2000 for the scholarship. As a reminder, if you want to purchase an additional member hat, it is only $5.00.

North Block still does not have a Facility Captain, but nonetheless, our new AW signed off our membership cards. Every full member has been issued a card.

Mr. Hagan maintains the waiting list for the VIG. This is a closed group with 15 members that meets every Wednesday night with various representatives from the VA and veteran community. See him if you wish to be added to the list. There are currently only four members on this list: Mr. Arnold, Mr. Beavers, Mr. Polley, and Mr. Self.

Mr. Self is looking to get an additional group going if enough staff can be arranged. Ms. J. Manley volunteered to help. He is trying to get another licensed clinician involved. As a sideline, the VIG will look into expanding their roll to allow these four members in.

Ms. Gloria said a few words about other Operation Mom events around the bay area. She is agreeable to a packing day on Saturday, February 12, 2011. She will get an equipment list to Lt. Evans in order to generate a narrative for this event.

Mr. Barton had a list of proposed changes to the By-Laws. After the group discussed the matters at hand, the following amendments were proposed:

▪The 90-day probationary period starts at your first attended meeting.
▪You become a member of the group when you first start the probationary period.
▪All members except for probationary ones will wear hats at all functions.
▪Probationary members cannot vote until they become full members.
▪Probationary members can become a member of a committee, but not Chairmen.
Mr. Barton and his committee will type up the actual language of the proposed By-Laws amendments and put them forth for voting at the next meeting.

Ms. JLynn approached the group about starting a new program that involves collecting used greeting cards and sending them to the St. Jude’s Ranch for Children. The children recycle these cards and make new cards out of them. The children remove the fronts and attach a new back. The result is a beautiful new green card made by the children and volunteers.

They cannot accept any cards made by Hallmark, Disney, or American Greeting. Please check the backs of the cards and screen these out. They currently have an increased need for Birthday and Thank You cards.

The Ranch is a non-profit founded in 1967 that rescues abused, abandoned, or neglected children of all races and faiths. They provide a healing and nurturing environment where children can learn life skills to start new lives with new chances, new choices, and new hope. They have three campuses in Nevada and Texas. They have provided healing and nurturing for more than 1000 children.

As a reminder, on August 30, 2009, the group decided that only the Executive Committee members or authorized members in the pursuit of official business might enter the archives. Please seek permission when entering the archives in order to reduce any confusion.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Mr. Schuhmacher and was seconded by Mr. Caffale. A vote was taken and the motion passed. The meeting adjourned at 0946 hrs.

NEXT CAMARADERIE NIGHT: Saturday, October 30, 2010. Bring your snacks!



(SIGNED)					        (SIGNED)		
J. WARREN				                DATE
V.V.G.S.Q. Secretary/Treasurer	    	            	


(SIGNED) (SIGNED) F. LEMUS DATE K-69511 V.V.G.S.Q. Chairman


(SIGNED) (SIGNED) K. EVANS DATE Correctional Lieutenant V.V.G.S.Q. Chief Sponsor

Vietnam Veterans Group of San Quentin Chief Sponsor: Lt. K. Evans, (415) 454-1460 x 5716 San Quentin State Prison Co-Sponsor: Sgt. D. Moore, (415) 454-1460 x 5861 1 Main Street San Quentin, CA 94964


Brothers Helping Brothers


October 1, 2010	        Food Sale Forms passed out to the General Population.
October 30, 2010	Camaraderie Night - at 1700 hrs. or when the Lower Yard opens.
October 31, 2010	Monthly Meeting @ 0800 hrs. in the Library.
October 31, 2010	Last Call for Food Sale Forms to be Picked Up and Turned in.
November 3, 2010	Money for the Food Sale goes to Trust Office.
November 11, 2010	Armistice Day(1918)  /  Veteran's Day(1954)
November 11, 2010	Camaraderie Day - at 1200 hrs. in the Library.
November 21, 2010	Monthly Meeting @ 0800 hrs. in the Library.
November 25, 2010	Turkey Day Holiday.
November 26, 2010	Day After Turkey Day Holiday.
December 4, 2010	Delivery of Food Sale Dry Goods.
December 5, 2010	Food Sale Delivery to the General Population.
December 11, 2010	USMC and Iron Pigs MC Toy Run.
December 11, 2010	V.V.G.S.Q. Toy Program in Visiting Rooms.
December 12, 2010	V.V.G.S.Q. Toy Program in Visiting Rooms.
December 18, 2010	V.V.G.S.Q. Toy Program in Visiting Rooms.
December 19, 2010	V.V.G.S.Q. Toy Program in Visiting Rooms.
December 25, 2010	V.V.G.S.Q. Toy Program in Visiting Rooms.
December 26, 2010	Monthly Meeting @ 0800 hrs. in the Library.
January 6, 2011         Camaraderie Night – at 1700 hrs. or when the Lower Yard opens.
January 7, 2011         December’s Monthly Meeting @ 0800 hrs. in the Library.


Arnold, Richard P-27171 U.S. Army 11-B10
Baer, Stan K-06285 U.S. Marine Corps HQSV Base Tel Color Guard Chair / Scholarship / Toy Program / Historian Website / VIG
Barton, Harry C-03120 U.S. Navy CVS 12, USS Hornet By-Laws Chair / R.E.A.L. Choices Chair / Color Guard / VIG
Basile, David C-70016 U.S. Army 3rd Brigade, 3rd Battalion Scholarship Chair / By-Laws / Toy Program / Historian Website / TV Reception / VIG
Beavers, Lawson P-14974 U.S. Army E Co., 407 Div. Color Guard / R.E.A.L. Choices
Botha, Gary D-88086 U.S. Army 72-B 20-P VIG
Butler, Duane D-91464 U.S. Army 15-D / 13-E VVGSQ Vice Chairman / VIG
Caffale, Giovanni D-97941 U.S. Marine Corps 353 Leopards, Sniper Sergeant-at-Arms / TV Reception Chair /Color Guard / Scholarship / Toy Program / VIG
Capell, Trenton E-91949 U.S. Army 31 Kilo Color Guard / Scholarship / VIG
Diggs, Joe J-82153 U.S. Army 6 AO VIG
Elmore, David K-87926 U.S. Marine Corps 3/5 Camp Lejune Color Guard
Hagan, Kevin C-86518 U.S. Navy LPD7, USS Cleveland Toy Program Chair / Historian Website Chair / R.E.A.L. Choices / VIG
Hickman, Hugh K-32967 U.S. Marine Corps 0311
Jones, Malcolm J-04780 U.S. Navy USS Coral Sea VIG
Kaser, Robert D-41415 U.S. Army Old Guard VIG
Kess, Phillip G-62396 U.S. Army 13 Bravo, Fort Hood
Langnese, Jeff D-38652 U.S. Army 11-B VVGSQ Outside Coordinator / VIG
Lemus, Fernando K-69511 U.S. Air Force 320th SPS VVGSQ Chairman/VIG
Lott, Robert J-85191 U.S. Army 3rd Infantry Div.
Morris, Darren K-36952 U.S. Air Force 50th Supply Sqdrn.
Parker, Anthony D-20753 U.S. Navy Av. Mach. Mate, NAS Whidbey Isl. VVGSQ H-Unit Member-at-Large / R.E.A.L. Choices /Toy Program
Polley, Ahmad C-57727 U.S. Coast Guard Air Station S.F. Color Guard / Camaraderie Night
Robinson, Joe K-52086 U.S. Army 12 Bravo - 10 Color Guard / Camaraderie Night / R.E.A.L. Choices / VIG
Rooke, Pete C-76159 U.S. Army 57F20, 348 S&S Stamps for Soldiers Chair / Tabs For Tots Chair
Schuhmacher, Chris T-31014 U.S. Air Force 311 TRS VVGSQ N/B Member-at-Large / Presentation Boxes Chair
Self, Ronald K-21055 U.S. Marine Corps 5th Pltn, 1st Force Recon.
Snider, James F-30077 U.S. Navy Boiler Tech, USS Blandy DD943
Spillman, Glen F-42695 U.S. Army 11B, 1/9 – 7th Inf. Div. Fort Ord By-Laws / Toy Program
Stauffer, Paul T-80750 Probation 7/1/10 / @ 10/31/10 Meeting
Torkelson, Edwin F-78693 U.S. Navy AQ, NAS Whidbey Island
Tupling, Albert K-26855 U.S. Navy USS Midway
Vick, Ernie P-59262 U.S. Marine Corps 0211, 1st Mar Div. VIG
Warren, John T-86358 U.S. Navy BM, NAS Lemore VVGSQ Secretary/Treasurer / Camaraderie Night Chair
Wells, James B. C-44955 U.S. Marine Corps 6613 - AE Probation 8/17/10 / @ 11/21/10 Meeting
Willis, Edward E-08652 U.S. Navy DLG 25, USS Bainbridge


Caffale, Geo

Wells, J.B.
Diggs, Joe

Parker, Anthony

Langnese, Jeff
Barton, Harry
Beavers, Lawson
Self, Ronald

Butler, Duane S.
Warren, John

Lemus, Fernando

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