October 2, 1992

Meeting cslled to order: 1900 hours

Ninteen (19) members present (a quorum)

Adjourned 2100 hours

A1 	   : Introduced Susie Ryde, and John Gilliland. 
             Susie, will be doing our Veteran paper work. John and    
             Susie, will be the incarcerated Vets, outside coordinators.  
             They will speak for he incarcerated veterans. 

Sonny      : We have Vets that aren't in the group but need assistance 
             with their VA benefits, etc. Is there a way for them to get 

A1         : Put a list of names together and we'll give it to Susie and 

Frederick  : Is there anyway to get documents any quicker? 

Al         : Sometimes yes, but, you know how the state is!!!!! 

A1         : Our paperwork on our Buffet and fund raiser, are supposedly 
             is back on the road again. We don't know as of yet what 
             there restrictions are going to be. 

Al         : Last meeting we brought up new members, John Gilliland is 
             now an associated member. 

David      : We have old member business on Hollingsworth. 

A1         : John can you shed some light on these dates in question? 

Wambaugh   : Army is two-two and two, so Hollingsworth is OK. 

A1         : Lets vote on Hollingsworth now. There was a motion on the 
             floor at the last meeting until it was tabled. Motion still  
             stands, was also seconded.  Vote taken, nineeen for.  Motion  

           (Spider graced us with his presence after his visit)
Russell    : The Vets Group meeting on Tuesday night, will be ending in   
             December because of budget cuts. Hopefully, we can get a replacement and keep it going

Al         : Any new member forms? 
Rose       : Yes. Mike Andregg, H-34058 - 2-EY-57, motion to except this 
             New member pending his DD-214. Seconded by Wambauugh, motion   
Frederick  : - really appreciatce the group, my health isnít so good, but   
             I'm dedicated to my group etc. Ė want and will try to  
             partcipate as much as possible, even though Iím hiv-pos
             Thank you all very much. 

Roseveare  : I could be going to he Hospital at any day for a triple by  
             pass, I just want to let the group know this.

Miller     : Spider, what did you find out about the Agent Orange   
John       : Answered for Miller. 

Al         : On October 23, 1992, weíll have every thing set for the VVC  
             to come in, so get the list of the people names to me, so   
             that we can do the paper work for the movement

Spider     : Rebecca, already has the list of people needing Agent  
             Orange, my wife gave it to her. 

Al         : We a1so have another person who would like to come in and 
             help the group, his names Steve Warren. We're also receiving 
             letters, from other outside persons, so we need to act and 
             see what help we can possible get for the group. 

Russell    : Did flowers get to Doug Carmichael? 

A1         : No, itís against institutional policy. The flowers are being
             sent to the ladies and gentlemen in accounting, though. 

Sonny      : Enos brought up helping Vets as they paroled, and Doug and  
             Barry, were supposed to check it out.

Doug       : As a group we can buy dress outs, but if we gave money we'd  
             Have to sent it to the parole agent. We still need to check 
             it more though. We'll have to draw up a proposal, etc.. 

Sonny      : We need a committee to find out every thing about this.
             (Helping Veteran parolees out)
Al         : talked with John, and the meetings they need to attend are   
             quite far away, is there anyway we can assist our delegates? 

Russell    : Maybe we can kill two birds with one stone and see about   
             Helping our outside delegates and Veteran parolees.  Look 
             into fund raiser possibilities.

A1         : Doug and Garrison, will look into this assistance thing. 
Doug        : Yes, I will, but remember Ií11 be leaving soon. 

Al          : Enos, will be leaving shortly, so get together with John,  
              he might be able to help with dress out. 

Garrison    : Draw up a contract for a precise amount and deal with John, 
              on the distribution of funds. 
              We found a place to get medals and I called up to see and  
              get exact quotes.  C/O Penningtonís plaque will be taken  
              care of.

Sonny       : Our Vice Chairman (A) needs to be said on record.

David       : Wright is set in as the acting Vice Chairman.

Al          : Except last minutes, yes, by Miller, carried by group. Any 
              old business, or new business? NO 

Rose        : Motion to adjourned, seconded by Russell, carried at 2100 

David Williams                                        Al Haseltine 
Secretary/Treasurer                                   Chairman 
V.V.G.S.Q.                                            V.V.G.S.Q. 

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