OCTOBER 16, 1992

Meeting called to order: 1900 hours.

Members present: Fifteen (15), a quorum.

Adjourned: 2100 hours.

Al          The paperwork for the next fund raiser and X-Buffet is in  
            route to being cleared and should be on the chief Deputy  
            Wardens desk by Monday and if approved, we'll start our sale  
            on the main line. 

            Introduced Hollingsworth, our new Associate Member and one of 
            our newest regular members, Andregg. 
            Also Gaines, is back from the Hospital. 

Russell     Says that Hollingsworth, needs to get ahold of Jeppeson, CCI, 
            and see what can be works out, as far as the Tuesday night 
            group is concerned. 

Al          I received and brought in the group VVA Chapter #223 minutes   
            for the group to read. 

            Gilliland and Ryde, are both official as the V.V.G.S.Q.  
            Service Representatives. 

            Miller will check with C/O Miller in regards to being Santa        
            Claus for our X-Buffet. 

            What types of foods does every one want,?????????????????????
Rose        Prime rib and Ham, is what I'd like to suggest, seconded by  
            Miller. Motion carried. 12 for, 1 opposed, 2 abstained. 

A1          We need to know age and sex of any children that will be at   
            the X-Buffet. 

Garrison    The Salvation Army is good for donating gifts for such events 
            and I've got the address if its needed. 

Rose        I make a motions that we authorize the approval for presents  
            for the children, pending the approval of X-Buffet. Seconded   
            by Miller. Motion carried.
Russell     The presents should be bought the board of directors as far  
            as the prices of items are concerned. Seconded by Miller.   
            Motion carried. 

Rose        Introduction application for new member, Leroy Hartman. Army,  
            73 thur 75. 

Bo           I make a motion that we except this new member, pending his  
             DD-214. Seconded by Miller. Motion carried. 

Williams     Introduced application for new member Cook. Group decided to 
             to table this application ti1 the next meeting so that Sonny 
             could present his own applicant. 

Garrison     I've made up a flyer for the group in regards to benefits 
             assistance etc, which Susie Ryde will be helping with as our 
             outside service person on benefits. 

Al           The reason as to no minutes of the last meeting or agenda  
             sheet for this meeting is because copiers are down  

Williams     The minutes of the last meetings and the minutes of this  
             meeting will both be put out to you this next time around. 

A1           Due to the fact that Arnold Brown, somehow got his hands on   
             a V.V.G.S.Q. hat and gave this hat to member Enos to parole  
             with. Enos has not shown a DD-214. Due to this Arnold owes  
             the group five dollars for the hat. 

Garrison     I need those forms back that I handed out for you all to  
             list the medals that you want to have ordered. 

Bo           Read letter from Buck Rogers, saying hello etc. 

Miller       I'd like to know about our medals being ordered and also  
             about our V.V.G.S.Q. I.D. cartds. 

A1           The vocational print shop is still working on that project  
             due to the budget they had to wait to order the materials. 
             Miller start and put together a list and find out all of  
             what we are in need of, such as pins, ribbons, etc. 

Russell      Motion to adjourn, seconded by Bo at 2100 hours. 

_______________________                               ___________________
DAVID WILLIAMS                                        AL HASELTINE           
SECRETARY/TREASURER                                   CHAIRMAN
V.V.G.S.Q.                                            V.V.G.S.Q. 

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