Sunday, October 28, 2007
General Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 8:12 hrs. By Chairman D. Miller. A quorum of 40 voting members were present. 5 members were excused and 3 members were absent. Appropriate sponsorship was present. Correctional Lieutenant M.W. Cramer and Correctional Sergeant Schroeder.
Members were asked to remove their hats for a moment silence for America's Prisoners of War, those Missing in Action, those Killed in Action, and for our troops deployed around the world.

TREASURER REPORT: (R. Portune) to date we have $2,963.41 in our trust account. We made $2,450.00 profit on our fund raiser/food sale.

OUTSIDE COORDINATOR: (J.B. Wells was not present at the meeting) Mr. Langnese took his place we received correspondence from the following:

Zig Boroughs 1/508 82nd Airborne
Col. Webber American Airborne Association
Frank Schoch Static Line
Bill Anderson NIVN Ephrata, Washington
Tony Thompson Hays State Prison, Trion, Georgia
Col. Victor Pertrenko Chief of Staff 82nd Airborne Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan
Col. William E. Weber US Army - Ret.
Barney McClendon Letter
Judith Manley Web site Manager
Tony Thompson NIVN Hays State Prison, Trion, GA
Robert D'Avanzo VVA Chapter #371 Jackson, Mich.
Harvest Vision Church Kentucky
187th Airborne Rakkasan Shimbum
Between The Lines VVA Chapter #20
Mr. Deryk Wills 82nd Airborne Ass. England United Kingdom
Mr. Richard B. Becker 82nd Airborne Association
VVA Chapter 20
William Layer VVA Chapter 205 Free Fire Zone


BY LAWS: Mr. Northrop was on visit. No report.
FUNDRAISER: Mr. Portune thanked the group for their hard work at the food sale. The food sale was very successful, and ran very smoothly. We will rotate the workers for the next food sale, so everybody will be afforded a chance to work a food sale. Mr. Leavitt made the suggestion that if you are physically unable to lift heavy boxes or stand up all day, that you exclude yourself from working the food sales, as some of the boxes are heavy and the work can be hard.
SOCIAL: Mr. Portune, the social has been canceled.
CAMARADERIE NIGHT: Mr. Stetler, nothing to report.
REAL CHOICE: Mr. Renteria was not present, no report.
HOLIDAY TOY PROGRAM: Mr. Renteria was not present, no report.
STAMPS FOR SOLDIERS: Mr. Warren, nothing to report.
GRANTS: Mr. Singler, nothing to report.


HATS: We are looking for a new vendor.
The group would like to thank our sponsors for their hard work and their continued support of our group.
                          Lt. Cramer, Chief Sponsor
Sgt. Schroeder, Co-Sponsor
Debra Sheldon, Co-Sponsor
Mr. Northrop's family
Ron and Carrie Cutting
Chuck Massey
Carol Jackson
Marian Kerbleski
Joe Petitti
James Conway
Jesuit Novice Andrew Rodrequez

Chairman Miller thanked the Rice's for their presentation of their Vietnam Vacation pictures at out Camaraderie Night. The issue of bringing food to the camaraderie night was clarified; we are able to bring canteen items to camaraderie night. A card will be made for the Rice's with our heart-felt thanks.


A proposal was made by Mr. Leavitt, that for our next scholarship banquet, a collage of member's old pictures of their military service be made. Mr. Leavitt will assemble the collage; the print shop will assist Mr. Leavitt. This collage will also include sponsors if they would like to include some of their old pictures.

A proposal was made by Mr. Leavitt, that the Secretary/Treasurer will keep accurate records of all personal donations from inmate accounts, specifically designated for the scholarship fund. A motion was made and passed. These donations will be added to the already existing funds designated for the scholarship program.

A motion was made for the distribution of the fund we made on our last fundraiser and passed. The distribution is as following:
                     Scholarship Fund     $1,000.00
82nd Airborne $700.00
Operation Mom $750.00

Mr. Clayton made a brief statement and was voted in to the group. He was given a hat and a membership card. The secret ballet was waived this time.

A proposal was made by Mr. Portune that V.V.G.S.Q. hats we worn at all group functions. This matter was tabled for our next meeting due to time constraints.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting, the motion was second. The motion passed.

Next meeting will be November 25th 2007.

Robert Portune                                       M.W. CRAMER
Secretary/Treasurer                                 Correctional Lieutenant
                                                    V.V.G.S.Q. Chief Sponsor

Attention: Outside Correspondents: If you would like further information on any of the projects, activities, or goals of the VVGSQ or would like to participate, please contact the following: Community Partnership Manager's Office Attn: Carol Jackson/VVGSQ Phone: 415-455-5090 San Quentin State Prison Fax: 415-455-5180 San Quentin, CA 94964

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