OCTOBER 30, 1992

Meeting called to order: 1900 hours.

Members present : Seventeen (17), a quorum.

Meeting adjourned: 2045 hours.

Wright:            Called the meeting to order. 

Willlams:          Took roll call. 

A1:                On October 25, 1992, the Board of Directors held a  
                   special meeting, in which Williams will read the  
                   minutes from that meeting to the general membership. 
Williams:          Al, Chairman calls meeting to order. Mr. Secretary  
                   place the following named Board Members in the  
                   minutes, Al Haseltine Chairman V.V.G.S.Q. / David  
                   Williams-Secretary/Treasurer, Sonny Hill-Member at 
                   large/ Bo Hulbert-Outside Coordinator. 
                   Members Present four (4), Mr. Secretary this  
                   constitutes a quorum of the executive body of the  
                   V.V.G.S.Q. minus the Vice Chairman & Member At Large  
                   H-Unit who could not attend due to no fault of their 
                   own. Also, two (2) members of good standing. The 
                   purpose of this meeting is to bring fourth formal  
                   charges of non-conformity of the By-Laws & 
                   Constitution of the V.V.G.S.Q. Formal charges set 
                   fourth against a Brother of long standing, namely one  
                   Arnold Brown. Mr. Secretary the floor is now turned 
                   over to the Outside Coordinator, Bo Hulbert who will  
                   set fourth formal charges as Acting Vice Chairman. On 
                   7/24/92 it was brought before the V.V.G.S.Q. Board Of 
                   Directors attention that Arnold Brown's Military  
                   Service was in question. Mr. Brown was placed on 
                   ninety (90) days leave of absence as of 10/24/92 
                   no such proof was given according to Cheif Sponsor, 
                   Skip West, Sgt. 
                   Opening purpose for Executive Body of the V.V.G.S.Q.  
                   meeting is as follows. (1) To bring one of our  
                   Brother's up for termination for not coming under the  
                   Articals as set fourth in our Charter. In that.  
                   Arnold Brown, a member of long standing has come  
                   under question as to his Military records, (DD-214)  
                   fcr being a qualified member under the qualification   
                   for membership in the V.V.G.S.Q. 
                   Mr. Chairman and fellow Soard Members, what is in  
                   question pertains to Article IV, Membership Paragraph  
                   B, Sub-Paragraph 1 Service, which states as follows, 
                   to have a member of the U.S. Military Service and  
                   served in and/on about Vietnam or it's  
                   water/airspace, theater of operations during the  
                   period of conflict of the Vietnam War and that person  
                   meets the requirements of the VFW Rules and 
                   Guidelines of the "Hostile US Military engagements",  
                   or the member must have been a Vietnam Era Veteran. 
                   The first question is our brother Arnold Brown so  
                   To answer this question brother Arnold Brown had been  
                   placed on a ninety (9) day leave of absence to whit it  
                   would be given time for Mr. Brown to bring fourth a 
                   copy of his DD214. 
                   In attendance is our Chief Sponsor Sgt. Skip West. I 
                   request permission from the Chairman to ask the Chief 
                   Sponsor if Mr. Arnold Brown has so submitted his DD-
                   214 to this date? 
                   Skip West, (Answer is no)! 
                   Mr. Arnold Brown was not in attendance at this Board 
                   of Directors meeting as it was offered to him to be. 
                   Mr. Chairman and fellow Board of Directors it becomes  
                   my duty as Outside Coordinator to notify each of you  
                   that our Brother Arnold Brown brings fourth no  
                   acceptable proof of his Military Service and with a 
                   heavey heart I must ask this board to bring fourth a 
                   date for termination of Arnold Brown, and that the 
                   Chairman along with the Chief Sponsor collect all 
                   hat's with affixed V.V.G.S.Q. logos on them and 
                   that his name be removed from membership and inactive    
                   lists fourth with. 

Al:                To sum up Arnold Brown has been terminated due to non-
                   conformity of the V.V.G.S.Q. By-Laws & VFW guidelines. 

Sonny:             How will this be taken care of if it comes up agaln? 

Al:                When a new member is first voted in, that member has 
                   ninety days to obtain his DD-214. At the end of this 
                   period, the member can be suspended for a period of  
                   ninety days. During this time, he can not attend 
                   meetings or any functions held by the V.V.G.S.Q. At 
                   the end of this period, if the members still doesn't  
                   have his DD-214, then the members can terminate his                

Bo:                When a member is voted in he should automatically send  
                   and get his DD-214 and hopefully this will alleviate 
                   future problems in having to get verification at a                
                   later date. 

Al:                What we had to do Sunday night none of us happy about  
                   and I am refereeing to the termination of Arnold  

Bo:                His hat's etc. have been confiscated and put up. 

Al:                According to our By-Laws we have to hold nominations  
                   and elections for a new Vice Chairman even thou-gh we  
                   have a temporary at present. 

Sonny:             I'd like to nomimte B. Grombaugh, Seconded by Bo. 

Russell:           I'd like to nominate our temporary W. Wright, Seconded  
                   by Aridregg. 

A1:                After the votes were taken I'm happy to say we have a 
                   new Vice Chairman and that is Mr. Grombaugh.
                   Here is some good news, Bob Ruiz is setting for Ido  
                   Neinhuis is taking our paperworK to Mr. McVicar and 
                   has aone so and it has been approved for us to have  
                   our fund raiser. Also he said there should be no  
                   problem in having our Christmas Banquet. On the food 
                   sale the dates are, start it 12/1/92 end it 12/13/92 
                   turn trust withdrawls in 12/21/92, checks cut to 
                   vendors 12/30/92, call in orders 12/31/92, delivery 
                   of fund raiser food items 1/16/92. On the photo shoot  
                   part of the sale the photo's will be took on 1/9/92 
                   and they should be ready for distribution on 1/30/92. 
                   The monies for this sale will be took off of Novembers 

Rose:              Are we allowed to have any type of religouse ceramony 
                   at our Banquet? 

Skip:              NO!

A1:                On visitors, for our banquet's such as Christmas types 
                   etc for members you can have anyone on your approved 
                   visiting list come and that is all, unlike our 
                   Scholarship Award Banquet where we can have outside 
                   guests come other then just imediately approved 
                   visitors. These are the only two (2) types of ways 
                   visitors and our banquets work. 

                   One member showed up (Spider). 

Al:                Those who saw Rebecca and would like to again, we need  
                   to get another Sponsor to cover or we'll have to 
                   cancel, because Skip won't be available, if we can't 
                   he'll inform her for us that we have to cancel. 

Roseveare :        Us people that don't have anyone are we allowed to 
                   invite another inmate? 

Bo:                No only approved visitors. 

A1:                Between now and real soon, xe need to find a Santa  
                   Claus. Also, we've got to get Sponsors tc cover for 
                   the Banquet, so lets get to checking it out and we've  
                   got to have five Sponsors who will work that night. 
                   So, lets get with our Sponsors first off, And then we 
                   can check into other staff coverage. We also need to 
                   get with our Sponsors on the food pick-ups for the  
                   fund raiser. The candy is set to be picked up on the  
                   13 or li of January, 1993, pepsi will be picked 
                   on tne 15 of January, 1993. 
                   This year, we'll do the paper work, to get H-Unit 
                   brought up on the hill, to pick up their food. 

New members 

Sonny:             I have an application from inmate Kebs, H-42737 and 
                   would like to make a motion to except him as a member 
                   pending his DD-214. He was in the Navy from 7/23/68 to  
                   Seconded by Rose, carried. DD-214 has already been 

                   Inmate Cook tabled from last meeting we need to table  
                   Once again so that Skip can look into his applicetlon. 

                   I've got a list of stuff dealing with what Susie Ryde 
                   is assisting our members with. Also if you want to 
                   apply for a home loan I have the forms so you can pick 
                   them up from me after the meeting. 

                   Our member on the row has some of our important  
                   pamphlets can they be got back? 

Skip:              I11 look into it. 

Miller:            What about the pins, ribbons, etc.? 

Skip:              David get a list to me and I'll see about getting what  
                   all is needed. 

Williams:          I'll get one put together as soon as I can and get it 
                   to you. 

Wayne:             Can we get these meetings adjourned by 2100 hours cr  
                   earlier so we can make our lock-ups? 

A1:                We'll do our best. 

Russell :          I make a motion to adjourn, seconded by Miller,  

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