DECEMBER 4, 1992

Meeting called to order: 1900 hours.

Members present: Seventeen (16), a quorum.

Board of Directors Present (4)

Chairman: A1 Heseltine
Vice Chairman: Bob Gronbach
Sec/Treas.: David Williams
Member at Large: Sonny Hill
Meeting adjourned: 2030 hours.
Bobby:        Called the meeting to order. 

Williams:     Took roll call. 

Skip:         Explained to the group about the Buffet and the Fund Raiser 

              (One member showed, Wright) 
              (One more member showed, Spider) 

Al:           Well have one more new member here, would you stand up and 
              introduce yourself? 

Hartman:     Introduced himself to the group. 

Al:          Theres still one more new member. 

Krebs:       Introduced himself to the group. 

Sonny:       I have a new member to introduce, his name is Billy Gene 
             Massey. He was in the USMC from 1/73 - 1/75. I make a motion  
             to except this new member pending his DD-214. 

Miller:      Secondsd the motion. Motion carried. 

Sonny:       Two Vets wanted to know about housing and Susie Ryde, etc. 

A1:          I can give you her address, so that they can write to her 
             and get the fcrms needed to file. 
             In five months, we'll have our Scholarship Awards Banquet 
             and we need to start getting letters out to the school 
             districts. We need to form a comrnitee to handle this. 
             Gonzales, would you. chair this commlttee? 

Gonzales:   Ok, that would be fine. but, I'11 need some paperwork 
            the past, so that Ií11 have something to go by. 

Wright:     What about Klien? 

A1:         We do need to discuss him, but, first Bcbby is going to talk
            with him. So we'll table this unti1 the next meeting. 

Sonny:      Make a motion that the meeting be adjourned.
Miller:     Seconded the motion. Motion carried. 

____________________                                      _______________
David Williams                                            A1 Haseltine 
Secretary/~reasurer                                       Chairman 
V.V.G.S.Q.                                                V.V.G.S.Q. 

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