December General Meeting
Held in the Library on December 19, 2010

Chairman Fernando Lemus
Secretary/Treasurer John Warren
Outside Coordinator Jeff Langnese
North Block Member-at-Large Chris Schuhmacher

Chairman Lemus called the meeting to order at 0810 hrs. Roll was called: 20 members present, 9 members excused, 3 members absent - there was a quorum. Our Sponsor, John Wilkerson was present, thank you for coming.

All present were asked to remove their hats for a moment of silence for those Missing-in-Action, those Killed-in-Action, and all other service members deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the world.

All members were asked if they received the November 2010 General Meeting minutes. All members did receive their minutes and no corrections were requested. A motion to accept the minutes was requested by Mr. Beavers and was seconded by Mr. Schuhmacher. A vote was taken and the motion passed.

Mr. John Warren: We have $1,754.74 in our account as of 12/13/2010. $1,754.11 of this money is earmarked for Operation: MOM, leaving us with a balance of $0.63.

Mr. Jeff Langnese: We have received the following correspondence since our last meeting:

The Veteran: This is the official publication of the Vietnam Veterans of America.
Between the Lines: This is a V.V.A. Chapter 20 publication, Rochester, NY.
Colonel W. E. Weber, U.S.A. Ret. – Letter: Executive Editor Airborne Quarterly, New Windsor, MD. Thanks Bill for looking out for us.
V.V.A. Chapter 201: Observation Post – Monthly Minutes, San Jose, CA.
Sgt. Richard Taylor – 4th Infantry Division – Letter: Former Editor The Ivy Leaves, Las Vegas, NV. Thanks for looking out for us too.
V.V.A. Chapter 20: Letter from Ron Trovato: Mr. Trovato is the writer for the Incarcerated Report section of Between the Lines. Congratulations on retirement.
N.I.V.N.: Letter and Christmas card from Bill Anderson in Ephrata, WA.
N.I.V.N.: Letter and Christmas card from Rev. Raymond Dugdale in Ridgefield, WA.
V.V.A. Chapter 371: Letter and Christmas card from Roberto D’Avanzo and group in MI.
G.O.G.I.: Multiple letters and Christmas cards from Coach Mara, Coach Taylor, and Coach Davida.
Jesus Wept Ministries: Letter from Sister Vicki, Richardson, TX.
Vince Milo – 4th Artillery Division – Letter: Hillsboro Beach, FL.
John Blair – Christmas card: San Francisco, CA.



Mr. Harry Barton: We will submit our amended By-Laws next year. This is so that we only have to get our By-Laws signed once and have it count as our 2011 By-Laws.


Mr. John Warren: After the BBQ Beef refunds (and the people who did not want assorted cookies or maple rounds instead of macadamia cookies and maple bars, respectively), we grossed $28,865.00. Our food purchases totaled $24,981.11, truck and gas were $215.05, IWF was $200.00. We then gave $1,714.73 to the toy program and intend to give $1,754.11 to Operation MOM. Thank you so much to our outside volunteers: BMC Tim Woody, USCG; BM1 Brett Bonner, USCG; JLynn Manley, our webmaster; JLynn’s friend Karen; Terry Wolfe. Also at hand, we had some inside volunteers: Lt. Luna, Sgt. Moore, Lt. Evans, Ms. Grant, and two other volunteers. Thank you all for making this a successful fundraiser!


Mr. David Basile: We will start mail outs in January.


Mr. Ronald Self: On Friday, December 17, we had a veteran’s workshop. The following representatives came:

James Merriken Incarcerated Veterans Reentry Specialist, Domiciliary Service VA Palo Alto Health Care System
Herman Sally, Jr. Outreach Specialist, Domiciliary Service VA Palo Alto Health Care System
Marcy Orosco, MSW Program Director The Salvation Army Harbor House
Kyle Terzian Program Manager Homeless Veterans Emergency Housing Facility (HVEHF)
Sean Stephens Veteran’s Service Officer Marin Health & Human Services

These people came and met with 17 inmates, including eight of our group members. It is requested that more of our members come out and support these programs. The next workshop is on January 21.

On another note, I am trying to get VVGSQ fleece beanies approved for us to use. In addition, I have a company that is willing to donate embroidered ribbons for our hats and personalized dog tags as well. I have checked with Lt. Luna and he stated that there is absolutely no problem with us wearing dog tags as they are considered necklaces and will be treated as such. I need to know some info from each one of you to accomplish this. Mr. Warren will send out forms for you to fill out.


Mr. Stanley Baer: Excused for the Holiday Toy Program. Mr. Warren: The ball for our flagpole has been finished. Thanks go out to Mr. Langnese on a job well done. On another note, new clothing for our color guard will be forthcoming. We have no events scheduled in the near future; we will use our wall flags for the Operation: MOM event.


Mr. Geo Caffale: Excused for the Holiday Toy Program Mr. Lemus: The free staff is still on vacation. Some of the analog channels are messed up. Free staff John Payne will be contacted to fix this.


Mr. Kevin Hagan: Excused for the Holiday Toy Program. Mr. Warren: We are still digging up old minutes and copying them in order to get them to our webmaster.


Mr. Stan Baer:Excused for the Holiday Toy Program.Mr. Lemus: We have not received many cards. We will make a big push to gather up the Holiday cards.


Mr. Pete Rooke: Coming along fine. Mr. Self mailed one box full of stamps.


Mr. John Warren: Our next event will be on Saturday, January 29 at 1730 hrs. in Education bldg. C-1. The movie will be Donovan’s Reef (1963), color, 1h 49m, directed by John Ford, starring John Wayne, Lee Marvin, Elizabeth Allen, and Cesar Romero. It is an action comedy that finds Wayne and his buddies on a Pacific island, disrupted when the Warden’s grown daughter (Allen) comes to visit.


Mr. Harry Barton: Nothing to report at this time.


Mr. Kevin Hagan: Excused for the Holiday Toy Program. Mr. Warren: We have received the following donations so far:

Willie MacLean on behalf of the Hell’s Angels $1,500
Cal-Skate Roller Rink $250
Reaching Behind the Walls $500
Kid Street Learning Center 80 handmade dolls retailing for $2,000
Anonymous $40
Vietnam Veterans Group of San Quentin $1,714.73

There are other donations forthcoming, including the USMCR’s Toys for Tots. Mrs. Karen Cramer is our toy shopper this year. The toys will continue to be distributed today and on December 25th.


Mr. Rooke: Everything is coming along good on that. Mr. Self mailed one box of tabs.


Mr. Chris Schuhmacher: We will do one presentation box for Willie MacLean, to show our appreciation for his generous support of the Holiday toy Program.


Chairman Lemus asked if there was any Old Business.

Some comments about the food sale: People did not have to wait long for their orders. Make the forms easier to read, separate the item names more. Set the items up as they appear in the forms. Lt. Evans requested that we not sell any more donuts, they are bulky and low profit. We ran out of some items, we need better control of orders going to Death Row. Request cheesecake, pies, pickles, gummy bears on our next sale. Think about our group running the Christmas photo program during the Toy Program.
Some comments about the Toy Program: Parents without kids present were told that they could not get toys. If a kid already got presents, they were told that they could not get more on a subsequent visit. There were some problems with printing out Christmas photos.


Chairman Lemus opened the floor to any New Business.

Mr. Bob Lott has moved to the firehouse and thus can no longer attend our meetings. We wish him well in his future endeavors.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Mr. Barton and was seconded by Mr. Langnese. A vote was taken and the motion passed. The meeting adjourned at 0852 hrs.

NEXT CAMARADERIE NIGHT: Saturday, January 29, 2011.



(SIGNED)					        (SIGNED)		
J. WARREN				                DATE
V.V.G.S.Q. Secretary/Treasurer	    	            	


(SIGNED) (SIGNED) F. LEMUS DATE K-69511 V.V.G.S.Q. Chairman


(SIGNED) (SIGNED) K. EVANS DATE Correctional Lieutenant V.V.G.S.Q. Chief Sponsor

Vietnam Veterans Group of San Quentin Chief Sponsor: Lt. K. Evans, (415) 454-1460 x 5716 San Quentin State Prison Co-Sponsor: Sgt. D. Moore, (415) 454-1460 x 5861 1 Main Street San Quentin, CA 94964


Brothers Helping Brothers


December 25, 2010	V.V.G.S.Q. Toy Program in Visiting Rooms.

January 21, 2011	Veteran’s Workshop in Education Bldg. B-2 @ 1000 hrs.
January 29, 2011	Camaraderie Night in Education Bldg. C-1 @ 1730 hrs.
January 30, 2011	General Meeting in the Library @ 0800 hrs.

February 12, 2011	Operation: MOM Packing Day in Education Bldg. B @ 0800 hrs.
February 18, 2011	Veteran’s Workshop in Education Bldg. B-2 @ 1000 hrs.
February 26, 2011	Camaraderie Night in Education Bldg. C-1 @ 1730 hrs.
February 27, 2011	General Meeting in the Library @ 0800 hrs.

March 18, 2011	Veteran’s Workshop in Education Bldg. B-2 @ 1000 hrs.
March 26, 2011	Camaraderie Night in Education Bldg. C-1 @ 1730 hrs.
March 27, 2011	General Meeting in the Library @ 0800 hrs.


Arnold, Richard P-27171 U.S. Army 11-B10 Voting Member
Baer, Stan K-06285 U.S. Marine Corps HQSV Base Tel Color Guard Chair / Scholarship / Toy Program / Historian Website / VIG
Barton, Harry C-03120 U.S. Navy CVS 12, USS Hornet By-Laws Chair / R.E.A.L. Choices Chair / Color Guard / VIG
Basile, David C-70016 U.S. Army 3rd Brigade, 3rd Battalion Scholarship Chair / By-Laws / Toy Program / Historian Website / TV Reception / VIG
Beavers, Lawson P-14974 U.S. Army E Co., 407 Div. Color Guard / R.E.A.L. Choices
Botha, Gary D-88086 U.S. Army 72-B 20-P VIG
Butler, Duane D-91464 U.S. Army 15-D / 13-E VVGSQ Vice Chairman / VIG
Caffale, Giovanni D-97941 U.S. Marine Corps 353 Leopards, Sniper Sergeant-at-Arms / TV Reception Chair /Color Guard / Scholarship / Toy Program / VIG
Capell, Trenton E-91949 U.S. Army 31 Kilo Color Guard / Scholarship / VIG
Hagan, Kevin C-86518 U.S. Navy LPD7, USS Cleveland Toy Program Chair / Historian Website Chair / R.E.A.L. Choices / VIG
Hickman, Hugh K-32967 U.S. Marine Corps 0311 Voting Member
Jones, Malcolm J-04780 U.S. Navy USS Coral Sea VIG
Kaser, Robert D-41415 U.S. Army Old Guard VIG
Kess, Phillip G-62396 U.S. Army 13 Bravo, Fort Hood Voting Member
Langnese, Jeff D-38652 U.S. Army 11-B VVGSQ Outside Coordinator / VIG
Lemus, Fernando K-69511 U.S. Air Force 320th SPS VVGSQ Chairman / VIG
Morris, Darren K-36952 U.S. Air Force 50th Supply Sqdrn. Voting Member
Parker, Anthony D-20753 U.S. Navy Av. Mach. Mate, NAS Whidbey Isl. VVGSQ H-Unit Member-at-Large / R.E.A.L. Choices /Toy Program
Polley, Ahmad C-57727 U.S. Coast Guard Air Station S.F. Color Guard / VIG
Robinson, Joe K-52086 U.S. Army 12 Bravo - 10 Color Guard / R.E.A.L. Choices
Rooke, Pete C-76159 U.S. Army 57F20, 348 S&S Stamps for Soldiers Chair / Tabs For Tots Chair
Ryan, Joseph AC-7656 Probation 1/30/11 - 4/24/11 Meeting
Schuhmacher, Chris T-31014 U.S. Air Force 311 TRS VVGSQ N/B Member-at-Large / Presentation Boxes Chair / Color Guard
Self, Ronald K-21055 U.S. Marine Corps 5th Pltn, 1st Force Recon. VIP Office Chair / VIG
Snider, James F-30077 U.S. Navy Boiler Tech, USS Blandy DD943 Voting Member
Spillman, Glen F-42695 U.S. Army 11B, 1/9 – 7th Inf. Div. Fort Ord By-Laws / Toy Program / Scholarship / Historian/Website / VIG
Stauffer, Paul T-80750 Voting Member
Torkelson, Edwin F-78693 U.S. Navy AQ, NAS Whidbey Island Voting Member
Tupling, Albert K-26855 U.S. Navy USS Midway Voting Member
Vick, Ernie P-59262 U.S. Marine Corps 0211, 1st Mar Div. VIG
Warren, John T-86358 U.S. Navy BM, NAS Lemore VVGSQ Secretary/Treasurer / Camaraderie Night Chair
Wells, James B. C-44955 U.S. Marine Corps 6613 - AE Probation 8/17/10 - 2/27/11 Meeting
Willis, Edward E-08652 U.S. Navy DLG 25, USS Bainbridge Voting Member


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